Best Hair Extensions For Thin Hair: Chic & Luxurious

Let’s not beat around the bush; there’s nothing worse than thin hair!

We know that not everyone is blessed with luxuriously thick hair. You can be born with naturally thin hair, lose your hair through a variety of medical conditions or medications, or even suffer hair loss through excessive bleaching and hair dying. Believe it or not, you can even lose a hair through the application of permanent hair extensions (i.e. fusion bonding, micro rings or even weaves).  

Not all hair technicians are appropriately trained, so ill-fitting extensions are one of the biggest contributors to hair falling out from extensions.  Wearing them permanently without a break, wearing the same set for too long, changing the sets too often and poor management are all big no-nos.

Basically, what we are to say is that there are so many things that can lead to flat, fine hair (thin hair), and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Instead of hiding away, we believe in fixing the problem.  And there is nothing easier than fixing fine hair with a gorgeous set of luxuriously Clip In Hair Extensions for thin hair.  It’s the closest thing to magic!

Clip In Hair Extensions For Thin Hair

So we’ve covered the reasons why you would opt for clip in hair extensions, now let’s discuss the what. Once you decide that you want to change your life for the better and want to add hair extensions to your hair and beauty routine, then you need to decide what extensions to go for. Finding the color seems like the most obvious, and we think it’s a great place to start. Choose your color, either by selecting a shade from the list. Once you’ve decided on the color, the next step is to choose the length. Perhaps you want to add the extensions for volume alone, rather than for length, which we think is a wonderful idea.

We would suggest going a length longer in case you’re between lengths and having your hairdresser cut the extensions into your hair for a seamless, undetectable transformation. Of course, adding length as well as volume is also a great idea, so go crazy and go for that length you’ve always dreamed of! Finally, choose the weight of the hair extensions by selecting from the many choices on the list. The finer your hair is, the less heavy the weight of the extensions should be.

Now it’s time for the fun bit; the how! There are countless ways to style your bouncy, luxurious, totally enviable new hair extensions, and we’re going to show you a few of our all-time favorite styles.

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Half up, half down

This is a style that the thicker-maned ladies among us probably take for granted. But have you ever tried to wear your hair half up and half down when you have fine hair? The top part is the thinnest, most pitiful excuse of a hairdo, while the bottom part just sits there feeling sorry for itself.

Will people think you were going for a ponytail but just missed a strand of hair? Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore, because, with the right, luxurious set of Remy Human Hair Extensions, you won’t have that problem ever again.

First up, select your hair extensions. We would suggest going for a low-weight set for this style, as you won’t need as much individual hair as with other styles.

  • Next, section your hair. With a sectioning comb, section the hair so you have a straight line just underneath the bottom part of your earlobes. This is where your first clip in extension will go. Make sure it goes from ear to ear and sits there comfortably. Tease the area slightly, and add a small amount of hairspray to give the extensions the best surface to grip onto. Then carefully attach the extensions, making sure your line is as straight as possible and ensuring you haven’t accidentally trapped any stray hairs in the clips. This is important because it could make your head hurt after a while, and nobody wants that!

  • So the first clip is in, which should give you an idea of the length of the style. Now depending on how thin your hair is, you may want to skip this step. But if you think you have enough hair, then we would suggest leaving a 2cm gap and repeating the previous step to get an extra thick head of hair.
  • Next, leave a gap of about 3-4cm; this will be the gap that disguises the clip in hair extensions. Then do your half-up top-knot or ponytail the same way you normally would. This way, you have more of your own hair to play with, and more hair to fit in the most visible part of the hairstyle.
  • To go the extra mile and make the ponytail extra-long and thick, then apply the same rules as the next style…

The long, cheerleader style ponytail

We have dreamed of achieving a thick, high ponytail for as long as we can remember. And as soon as we discovered hair extensions and this great trick, our dreams pretty much came true. You won’t believe how easy this style is…..

  • Put your hair in a ponytail the same way you always do. But skip the tears this time around, because you’re not going to cry this time. Unless, of course, it’s from happiness.

  • Get one of your widest clip in hair extensions. Clip the first clip in the middle of your ponytail, as close to (but not touching) the hair tie. Then simply wrap the hair around the ponytail, clipping as you go around until you get to the last clip.
  • Then, add the remainder of the hair around the hair tie, so that the clips are hidden and all that’s left is a bouncy ponytail.
  • Secure the last bit of hair either with an additional hair or go down the discreet route and use bobby pins.

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