Celebrities With Hair Extensions Before And After + J Lo Hair Extensions

Don’t we all just love J Lo hair extensionsShe’s always rocking and looking so elegant and beautiful – Jennifer Lopez’s hair extensions in most of her live performances.  

Below, you’ll find a list of beautiful celebrities with hair extensions before and after.


Celebrities With Hair Extensions Before And After

J Lo Hair Extensions Jennifer Lopez

J Lo hair extensions have had enviably long and silky locks for as long as we can remember. However, she’s recently been rocking a very short and sassy bob, and in true Jennifer Lopez style, she is well and truly rocking it.

As much as we love her fierce new look, though, it’s long hair all the way for us. There’s no way she can do all her sexy performances without her long hair to shake around.

We know we aren’t the only ones who flick through the fashion glossies and obsessively check all the social media accounts in existence to see what our favorite celebrities are up to.

We may care ever so slightly about who they’re dating or what project they’re working on, but the main thing we’re concerned about is their hair and beauty transformations.

Just as soon as we get used to seeing them one way, they go ahead and surprise and sometimes even shock us with a bold and dramatic new make-over.

One thing we are particularly vigilant with noticing is the length of their hair. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite celebrities before and after hair extension transformations.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a celebrity to get longer and more voluminous hair instantly oh no. With a simple set of luxurious clip-in hair extensions, you too can get the ultimate Hollywood transformation treatment in no time!

Let us know whether you prefer these ladies with long or short hair. Should they keep their natural tresses, or should they keep attaching those gorgeous clip-in hair extensions to their heads?


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Kim Kardashian

Long, short, blonde, brunette, straight, curly, braided – Kim Kardashian’s hair has gone through every kind of style, color, and treatment imaginable over the years.

Love her or hate her, no one can deny that she has incredible hair extensions and beauty lookbook behind her. With her huge team of make-up artists and hairstylists at her beck and call, it’s not at all surprising that she looks perfectly turned out and flawless at every public appearance.

And more importantly, in every selfie. We really admire her for giving her hair a break from the permanent hair extensions and sporting a more natural look these days.

And also for being so honest with her fans about her use of extensions. However, Kim K we know, and love is always going to have long hair in our eyes, so we hope she puts her hair extensions back in soon.

Remember, Kim Kardashian’s clip-in hair extensions will allow you to rock long hair on your nights out and in all your selfies and enable you to give your headrest at bedtime and not tug on or ruin your hair in the way permanent ones do. Just something to think about, Kim.


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Chrissy Teigen

Mrs. John Legend and proud new yummy mummy Chrissy Tiegen recently spoke out about the effort that goes into her hair and beauty regime. So we can imagine how refreshing it must have been for her to take her hair extensions out for a while. Maybe we can introduce her to some clip in hair extensions, so she can be comfortable doing her mummy duties in the day, and be a real glamour goddess on the red carpet. With the clip-in hair extensions, you really can have it all!


Rita Ora

You have to be willing to change your look at the drop of a hat if you want to be a modern-day pop star, and that’s exactly what Rita Ora does month after month with her blonde hair extensions. We can’t keep up with her ever-changing style, and her hair transformations, in particular, keep her fans on their toes at all times. She has rocked both long and short hair on and off throughout her career. They’re both very different looks, and although she wears them both well, the hair extensions are definitely getting our vote on this occasion.


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is such a cutie pie, and we will eternally be envious of her shiny, and bouncy hair extensions. As you can probably tell, we do love long-haired celeb and usually, favor them over their shorter-maned selves. However, we think Selena Gomez should ditch the extensions for a while because her new shorter might just be her best look yet.

She can always add a fresh set of clip in hair extensions to her head if she wants to mix it up for a night or two, though. We don’t think we, or anyone for that matter, should live without the option for thick, long hair.


Khloe Kardashian

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again – Khloe Kardashian’s hair extensions just get better by the day. As does her style, her makeup, and most importantly, her hair. We are totally digging the shorter hairstyle that Khloe is currently rocking right now.

We would be lying if we said we weren’t looking forward to the next time she dons a pair of hair extensions, though – just look how gorgeous she looks with long hair. And is it just us, or is she majorly channeling Jennifer Lopez in the left picture?



Yes, even Queen Bey has a little help in the hair department. From clips to weaves to a full head of permanent extensions, Beyonce has tried it all over the years and undoubtedly nailed it every single time.

Forgive us for not being surprised. We love her luxurious mane of long, honey-hued hair, but isn’t it entirely unfair that she looks so good with short hair too? We guess it’s true what they say; Beyonce really is flawless, and she really can do no wrong. Which Beyonce hair length do you prefer?


Ariana Grande

She made the super high, super long, and obviously super fake ponytail famous again, as she made it her trademark go-to hairstyle while her own hair recovered from years of the damaging bleach and red hair dye combo. However, Ariana gave her fans a rare but much-appreciated glimpse into her natural hair with a very candid selfie, and there’s no denying she looked almost unrecognizable in the snap. We adore the color and those gorgeous natural waves, Ariana, almost as much as we love the artificial locks too.

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