Best Hair Extensions For Short Hair: Chic, Luxurious And Thick

These are the best hair extensions for short hair or for those who have always wanted long, chic, glamorous, luxurious, and voluminous hair. There are a variety of ways to add hair extensions for the instant beautiful transformation.

Clip-In Hair Extensions offers 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions that can instantly transform your hairstyle. 

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions are Double Drawn (thick from top to bottom) and are 100% human Remy hair.  Our Clip-In Hair Extensions technique is the least damaging to the hair as it does not cause hair loss, traction alopecia and or damage to the hair roots.  Clip-In hair extensions are easily wearable on any occasion whether it be for special events, daily wear, for work, casual outings, sightseeing, travel, parties, weddings, and many more.


Clip-In Hair Extensions set come in varying widths from 1.5 inches to 10 inches of wefts with clips sewn onto them depending on the size (grams) of the set.  

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Colour, Size (Grams), and Length (Inches)

Hair extensions come in lengths of 20 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches, and come in the following weights: 120g, 160g, 180g, 200g, 220g, 260g, 280g, 300g, 320g, 340g, 360g, 380g.  All sizes and lengths are available in 13 or more colors of your choice including your very own customizable set of hair extensions.  

Not sure what we mean by weights? In the simplest terms, the heavier the extensions are, the more individual strands of hair are attached to them. Therefore, if you have short but very thick hair, we would recommend going for a mid-weight selection. If your hair is very fine on the other hand, then you wouldn’t need as much hair to achieve your desired look. Of course, if you want voluminous, bouncy hair that is a million miles away from your natural, fine hair, then we would, of course, encourage you to opt for slightly more weight. We haven’t lost you, have we?

Best of all, if you’re super-fussy and none of the shades, lengths, and weights are what you are looking for (our feelings won’t be hurt, don’t worry) then you’re in luck as you can get your very own customizable set of hair extensions. Pretty neat, right?

New To Hair Extensions?

If you’re new to hair extensions, or just want to do your homework and swat up for good measure, then there are a few very important things to know. For example:

Quality: Finding quality hair extensions can be quite a hard task if you don’t know where to look because there are hundreds if not thousands of different types out there. Luckily, since you are reading this, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your hair extensions being compromised, because we have worked very hard and searched far and wide to get the best quality of hair to you.

100% Human Remy Hair Extensions 

Where does the hair come from: The hair we will lovingly pack and send to you is 100% Human Remy hair. This means you can style it in exactly the same way you would style your own, natural hair, and it will blend in with your own effortlessly.

What Is 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions?

100% Human Remy is the highest quality of hair types available from real human donors from all over the world.  These human donors usually come from Europe, Brazil, India, and Malaysia.  Our factory/suppliers have over 20 years of experience in the Human Hair Extensions industry traveling worldwide sourcing human hair in order to create your Chicsy, Luscious, Glamourous, Luxurious, Thick and Voluminous hair extensions.

Human Remy Hair has minimal processing leaving natural human hair soft, beautiful, silky and tangle-free.  Remy Human Hair is usually obtained from a single donor and the hair is usually cut or shaved from the roots to the end of the hair.  As a result, this maintains the natural hair texture pattern and all the cuticles are in the same direction.  Most importantly, it also eliminates tangling issues that are mostly found in low-quality hair extensions or non-Remy hair.  What we love about Remy hair is that it can last up to 3 months to 1 year with regular maintenance and care.  Also, please be mindful that Human Remy Hair Extensions is at a premium quality and because of the method of the collection this type of hair can get quite expensive due to supply and demand.  Fortunately, here at Hair Clip-In Hair Extensions, we offer the most affordable hair extensions at the highest quality making your hair instantly chic, beautiful, glamorous and voluminous.  

Will the hair look natural?  Of course, it will look natural on you because all our hair extensions come in a multi-tone colour system in a variety of colors to choose from.  Even if the shade you chose is not a 100% match to your own hair, you won’t have a problem blending them in.  Alternatively, we can always customize the exact hair color you want.   You only have to look at our pictures of real women wearing our hair extensions for your question to be answered.

What if I have more than one color in my hair? Natural blondes will find that they will have more than one shade of blonde in their hair, so getting just one color might mean that it’ll be more noticeable to see where your real hair ends and where the hair extensions begin. Therefore we would suggest getting at least two shades of blonde and mixing them up on your head to blend them out and keep the extensions as unnoticeable as possible. Send us an email with a picture of your current hair and we will suggest which extensions to buy. Alternatively, if you have an ombre or balayage look, then you may also need to get more than one color.  Shoot us an email and we will do our best to advise!

Can everyone wear extensions? As long as your hair is long enough to cover the clips, then your hair will be suitable for hair extensions. So if you have a really trendy pixie cut, you might want to wait a few weeks or even a month or two for your hair to be long enough for extensions. Some shorter styles may require additional blending from a trained professional in a salon, just to ensure the hair extensions are as seamless and natural as possible.  Also, if your hair is short but it’s quite thick, you might wear even thicker hair extensions in order to blend it out.  

We love the flexibility that good, quality hair extensions can offer. In this modern world of fast fashion, going for the chop to keep up with the latest trend, only to discover that Rapunzel hair is the latest style on the menu the following week, isn’t only for the brave. Hair extensions have made it so easy to experiment and change up a look, and we couldn’t be more grateful!

The hair extensions that we offer come in a range of different colors, lengths, and weights.

Take a look at our extensive list of colors that are available.  One of their hair extension gurus will be on hand to help. Additionally, if your color isn’t on the list, you can buy a lighter shade and dye it yourself at home. We recommend going two shades lighter than your desired hair color, but of course, send them an email and they will be happy to give you all the advice you need.

Now with all of that in mind, as much as we love short hair, we know that it sometimes isn’t what you want for the look you want to achieve. You don’t want to walk Victoria’s Secret catwalk, with the rest of the long-haired Victoria’s Secret Angels, with a short bob, oh no. You want a long, luscious, seriously sexy mane that drapes over your shoulders and moves just as effortlessly and rhythmically as you do.

This is where a trusty, full set of Clip-In Hair Extensions comes in.  Clip-In Hair extensions can instantly transform your look, and make you feel like a true goddess. We know we aren’t the only ones who feel fierce, unstoppable and ready to conquer the world when we have a fresh set of long hair extensions attached to our heads.

Don’t get us wrong, even though this site is all about hair extensions, chic and fashion, we actually love short hair too. We love short hair with clip-in hair extensions, as it can easily transform and achieve the look you desire.  We’re seeing an increasing amount of pixie cuts, bobs and even long bobs (lobs, for those in the know) on the catwalks season after season, and it’s not hard to see why girls are flocking to the salons to chop their locks off.

As well as being totally on-trend, short hair has a lot of other benefits too, though few options for hair styling especially without using Clip-In Hair Extensions.

First of all, short hair is really low maintenance for a number of different reasons. You can shampoo, condition, dry, style, and hairspray your hair while someone with longer locks is probably still on their first lather. And in this day and age when every single second count, time-saving goes a really long way.  That’s why Clip-In Hair Extensions are the best solution if you decide to have instant longer and fuller hair, thus allowing you to even have a variety of hairstyle on any given day and the good thing about wearing clip-in hair extensions with your short hair is that you don’t even have to wash them every day.

Secondly, short hair is a godsend during the warmer months. No long hair touching the back of your neck while you’re trying to sleep, no need to fumble around with appropriate hairstyles when you’re off to the gym, the beach or a really important office meeting.  But having long hair is also sexy and that you can easily flaunt with your style and outfit of the day in different seasons.

We haven’t even mentioned the part about short hair being more cost-effective. Shorter washing time equals less water used, shorter drying and styling time equals less electricity used. It all adds up, and every penny counts; especially as this leaves you with more money to spend on other hair and beauty supplies. And who doesn’t want that?  And again, this leaves you some extra money to invest in Clip-In Hair Extensions, as will definitely come in handy when you’re in the mood for different hairstyles on different occasions.  And most of all, you don’t necessarily have to use lots of hair styling products to achieve any hairstyles with our clip-in hair extensions, as it can easily be curled, straightened and styled in various styles.

So there you go. We’ve covered all the benefits of short hair and even wearing hair extensions with your short hair. We know why short hairstyles are so popular and in addition to adding clip-in hair extensions as when it’s needed. And in case you need more proof, we only have to look to some of our favorite, trend-setting and most inspirational celebrities.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has gone for the chop recently (she teased fans with the above pic as soon as she had it done), and in our honest opinion, we don’t think she’s ever looked better. We guess that’s the beauty of having model good looks – everything suits you! We aren’t jealous at all, promise. The great thing about Kendall’s new hair is that it’s the perfect length to add Clip-In Hair Extensions or even a weave if she changed her mind and wanted longer hair instead. Or of course, if one of her modeling jobs required her to have long hair to achieve a certain type of hairstyle.

Jennifer Lawrence

J –Law can do no wrong in our eyes. She nails every single movie role she accepts, she makes us giggle uncontrollably during her interviews and live appearances, and she gives us serious hair envy all the time. What’s not to love about her? She has also made us fall in love with short hair, and has seriously tempted us into hacking all of our hair off to replicate her enviable lob look.

Jennifer Aniston

Don’t even try and deny that you copied the iconic Rachel haircut in the nineties because we know you’re lying. Over 20 years later, and Jennifer Aniston is still giving us hair goals. She is living, breathing, hair-swishing proof that short hair is just as glamorous as long hair. Just look at her rocking her shorter do!

But, just as quickly as we are sold on the idea of short hair, another celebrity comes in to tempt us into longer tresses. Take a look at some of the celebs who to and from between long hair and short hair. Let us know whether you prefer them with short hair or long hair, we (and maybe even the celebs themselves, and their hairstylists) would be very interested to know…

Kim Kardashian has also gone for the chop. Or more accurately, out. We love how open she is with her fans about her use of . Although we love how she has embraced the slightly more natural look (we say slightly because she’s still Kim Freaking Kardashian, at the end of the day!) we can’t deny that there’s something incredibly special about her long, silky, raven locks. And none of this white blonde rubbish please, Kim.

Stick to the dark hair!  Kim is also known for to add more length and volume to her hair.  There you go friends, if you want to achieve Kim’s look by adding hair extensions, you can do so with Chicsy Hair Extensions.

Khloe Kardashian

Since we have mentioned blonde though, we have to admit that younger sister Khloe is absolutely nailing the beach blonde hair extensions look right now. If we didn’t know any better (i.e. if we didn’t stalk the Kardashians and know every single thing about their family) we would have said that Khloe was a natural blonde.

We love how the different shades of blonde have been used to flatter and compliment her eye color and skin tone. We’ll let you know how you can recreate this beach goddess look later on – you don’t want to miss it!  Otherwise, you can always show them first by tagging their hashtag #chicsyhair on Instagram by recreating a bob hairstyle look to a longer hairstyle using our Clip-In Hair Extensions.

Margot Robbie

Just to prove that we aren’t just all about the Kardashians, we have the ever-gorgeous Margot Robbie. We fell in love with her and her enviable hair extension when she played Mrs. Leo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street, and have been besotted with her hair and beauty looks ever since. She has gone light, she has gone dark, she has gone long and you guessed it, she has also gone short.

And to be quite honest, we have no idea which we prefer because she nailed every single look. How unfair is that? We love her short hair, especially in the picture above.  And best of all, we love the fact that with the right set of clip-in hair extensions, she can easily go back to beach Barbie in just a few effortless steps. God bless clip-in hair extensions!

So there you have it, ladies. There is light at the end of the tunnel if you accidentally cut your hair too short and have been regretting it ever since. If you want to cut your hair so you’re on-trend, comfortable and money-saving during the week, but want to let your hair down and go full-on, all-out glam at the weekends (a look that can only be achieved with the longest and thickest hair, don’t you know) then they have you covered.

Basically, they are there to solve all your hair problems, however big or small. You’re welcome! Stay tuned for some seriously amazing styling tips, especially if you’ve got fine hair or any type of hair texture.

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