How To Fishtail Crown Braid With Clip In Hair Extensions: Frida Kahlo Hair

Today’s Paris Chic Style hair tutorial shows you how to create a fishtail crown braid using clip in hair extensions.  This hairstyle has been trending among fashion bloggers and those obsessed with braided hairstyles, inspired by Frida Kahlo.  The fishtail crown braid is one of our favorite hairstyles to wear for a romantic wedding, bridal party, bohemian chic look, and for an everyday hairstyle.

It does not take very long to achieve this hairstyle.  If you want to look chic and stylish with a bohemian look to complement your casual outfit, then you can easily create this hairstyle even with short to medium hair lengths.  This hairstyle is also perfect for special occasions, weddings, and going on a night out.  It goes perfectly well with any outfit or a beautiful dress.  Simply add a few hair clip wefts to add more length and volume prior to braiding your hair.

Fishtail Crown Braid: Easy & Quick Hairstyle

Step One:

Brush your hair first, so it doesn’t get tangled easily.  

Step Two:

I straightened my hair first by using my GHD straightening iron, so it looks smooth and easier to fishtail braid. 

Step Three:

I parted my long black hair into two sections.  The parting does not have to be completely perfect unless of course, you prefer the super sleek look. I went for a messy bohemian chic look.

Step Four:

I added two different colors of the clip in hair extensions to achieve a different color once braided.  In this hair tutorial, I added a clip wefts of dirty blonde and chocolate brown clip in hair extensions, alternating the two different colors on both sides.

Step Five:

You can start braiding whichever side you prefer.  Here, I started on my right section by adding my first dirty blonde clip weft on the top part of my right hair section.

Step Six:

Grab two small separate sections of hairpieces from the top. Start fishtail braiding by grabbing a small piece of hair from the bottom on each side and crossing it over to the middle section. Repeat this step until you reach the bottom of your hair.

Step Seven:

Grab a small elastic to tie the bottom of your fishtail braid.

Step Eight:

Moving to the left sectioned hair. Repeat the same step illustrated in step seven.

Step Nine:

This part is entirely optional.  Start pulling some strands of hair within the fishtail braid to create a bigger, thicker, and volumizing fishtail braid. Please make sure that you pull them slowly starting from the bottom all the way to the top.  You can make them bigger, however, you like.

Step Ten:

Now, it’s the fun part. You should’ve completed your fishtail braids. Lift each section up and place them on top of your head. Placing each braided section like a headband style. I suggest doing it one section at a time. Start pinning by using Bobbi pins to secure it in place. And then repeat the same step with the other braided section.

And finally, you’re done! You can tidy it as you like. However, in this tutorial, I decided to create a messy bohemian chic.


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