Bonjour, my name is Marj, the creator of Paris Chic Style. Welcome to Paris Chic Style. I am so delighted to have you here to join me on my adventures.

This website has so much more to offer beyond topics about French, Paris, France.  At Paris Chic Style you’ll find helpful travel and fashion tips about Paris, such as where to stay, what to do, what to wear and more.  You’ll also find other helpful travel and fashion guide and tips about other cities.

Paris Chic Style is a Lifestyle, Fashion, Travel, Hotels, all about Paris, Decor, Photography, Blogging, Online Business, and Brand with an E-commerce Online Store.

I have an obsession for Hotels and would prefer to stay in comfortable chic hotels over Airbnb.  You’ll often discover that I love sharing my favorite hotels in various cities especially Paris that I have stayed in, and the hotels that I think are situated in the best location for tourists.

I also have an obsession for Paris, Travel, Fashion, and Entrepreneurship which you will often find me sharing and writing about. 

In my online store, you will find a variety of products which contain Fashion, Travel Wall Art Prints, Lightroom Presets, Printable Planners, and Lifestyle products.

You will also find a variety of inspirational content and products which focuses on themes that we are passionate about.

As much as I enjoy traveling and discovering other cities, and countries, Paris still remains my favorite city.

My adventures, photographs, and writing clearly demonstrate my passion for Paris, and for sharing my love for the most beautiful and chic Parisian streets, things to do and wear in Paris, Parisian Hotels in historical buildings, quaint Parisian cafes, shops, Parisian Chic Style, and the character of the city.


Paris Chic Style also contains a collection of my fine art travel photography prints that I have captured throughout my travels in Europe, South Africa, and Worldwide.

I enjoy traveling and capturing the beauty of the streets, old historical buildings, landmarks, cute and pretty cafes, and shops.  I turn them into inspiration and fairytale that allows you to mesmerize, and be taken to those locations while indulging and staring at my wall art prints hanged in your home.

I have always loved photography, fashion, and travel. I am a self-taught photographer.

The first time I went to Europe was in 2006, I started shooting my travel photos with my low-resolution camera. A few years later, I purchased my first Canon DSLR camera, and I continued to travel to Europe and Worldwide to start shooting in high-resolution and raw images.

All my travel wall art prints are captured on my Canon DSLR camera in high-resolution, high-quality lenses, and mostly in raw images. These prints are also edited by me using my Lightroom Presets.

In my photography, I combine my love for fashion, lifestyle, travel, hotels, street photography, old historical buildings, landmarks, and cafes with a dreamlike aesthetic, chic, pastel, and subtle color palette. 

I also combine minimalist yet slightly colorful, magical fairytale, serene compositions to create visual stories.

I don’t just take photographs to recreate what I have discovered along my journey. I strive to capture to create visual stories and a sense of inspiration, romance, reality, real dreams, and nostalgia.

I am constantly drawn to Paris’ neutral and chic color tones with slight bright colors of the historical apartment buildings, streets, landmarks, chic cafes and little Parisian shops. I am also drawn to the colors of Santorini’s pastel caved buildings, and the Italian’s colorful old historical buildings.

Paris Chic Style is effortlessly stylish, colorful, fashionable, elegant, glamorous, smart and sophisticated which every woman should believe she is.  

My brand strives to inspire, guide, and motivate you in creating a better lifestyle.

Your dreams always matter and should not be discarded because of your current circumstance.  Always dream big and endeavor to achieve your goals no matter how long it takes. Remember that every little step you take you’re closer than those who don’t take action.

And never forget to smile even when you’re having a bad day, stay positive because smiles and positivity are contagious.  And you never know who will be inspired by you.

“Dream Big, Believe In Yourself, & Endeavor To Achieve Your Goals”