How To Dress Like A Parisian Chic With Effortless Hairstyles

How to dress like a Parisian Chic with Effortless Hairstyles?  It’s no secret that Parisians have the most covetable sartorial style in the whole world; it’s no wonder we all strive to incorporate their style into our wardrobes on a daily basis!

The most obvious way to look like a true Parisian is to stick to neutral colors such as black, navy, gray, brown, beige, khaki, white, and burgundy, and this is something the Parisian loves.  Sticking with these staple colors is probably the safest chic way of ensuring that your wardrobe will continue to flow sophistication for many years to come and will never fade out of fashion.  Find out below on how to dress like a Parisian.

How To Dress Like A Parisian?

Hair & Makeup


Don’t you just love intricate Parisian hairstyles? It’s enough to make us want to spend all of our money going to the salon every single day to recreate the looks. Parisian plaits, fierce buns, sweeping silky curls – all of these go-to Parisian styles are achievable with a good set of clip in hair extensions at Chicsy Hair and a little patience. 

2 How To Dress Like A Parisian Chic Hairstyle Effortlessly


1st Photo: Chestnut Brown Clip In Hair Extensions

2nd Photo: Ombre Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions

Parisian’s hairstyles are super chic, feminine and stylish whether it be short or long hair.  French braid, half updo’s, chic and messy buns, and chignon hairstyles are among the most popular hairstyles that Parisians do on an occasional basis.  Though, to tell you the truth, they don’t spend most of their time in front of the mirror perfecting their hairstyle.  Clip In Hair Extensions are additional hair to add length and volume to their natural hair.  Sometimes they just leave their hair down looking like “I woke up like this” yet still look super chic, beautiful, and effortless. 

3 How To Dress Like A Parisian Chic Hairstyle Effortlessly Chocolate Brown Clip In Hair Extensions (1)

Chocolate Brown Clip In Hair Extensions

2 How To Dress Like A Parisian Chic Hairstyle Effortlessly Dark Brown Clip In Hair Extensions

Dark Brown Clip In Hair Extensions


As far as make-up is concerned, Parisians tend to keep things simple, natural, but most of all, flawless. Invest in a good foundation (look no further than top French designer brands), concealer, loose powder and finishing powder to nail that airbrushed, doll-like look that the Parisians have perfected over the years. A bold, red, statement lip is definitely the order of service if you want to add a little drama, and a precise feline flick on the eyes is essential for stealing the spotlight.



Clean lines, simple but powerful designs, staple pieces. Repeat these three things when picking out your outfits and you’ll have an excellent head-start. If we’ve learned anything from ogling Parisian fashionistas, it’s that you want to make your style look as effortless as possible. Swing your leather jacket over your shoulders and don’t look back. Show some skin in an unexpected, yet tasteful way; think sexy as opposed to skimpy. And as much money as you may have spent on your latest designer find, you don’t want to show it. Keep logos as minimal as possible; a true Parisian fashion maven with an eye for style will immediately spot your high-end purchase. Stick to neutral colors, as mentioned above (brown, beige, black, navy, and white) are the most common colors Parisians wear.




Oversized Khaki Sweater / Dark Brown Clip In Hair Extensions / Black Skinny Jeans / White Buttoned Long Sleeve Shirt / Black Ankle Boots / Black Clutch



Black Brim Hat / White Blouse / Black Blazer / Dark Blue Skinny Jeans / Black Heels

              #4 Chocolate Brown Clip In Hair Extensions Paris Chic Style 1_watermarked


It goes without saying, but Parisian chic is all about a crisp, elegant heel. Unfortunately, this means never being able to run or be comfortable again, but a small sacrifice to pay for the covetable image, no? There are actually ways to cheat with this – pack a small and discreet pair of foldable flats in your bag when you need to do a lot of walking/standing and change into your fabulous heels at the last minute. No one will know your secret!


One of the top giveaways when spotting a Parisian is their sheer love of accessories. Whether that’s a silk scarf wrapped pristinely around their neck, or a cute, statement hat atop their head, accessories are definitely key. No accessory is too big or too small, but the key here is not to over-crowd the accessory; let it stand out and let it do the talking without having to fight for attention on your body. In case you weren’t aware, simplicity really is the key when it comes to dressing like a chic Parisian. So, if you want a day to take your brand new Hermes Birkin out for the first time, keep the rest of your outfit as minimalist as possible and let that handbag do its job.


Luxury Brands or Non-Branded?

Also, getting acquainted with all the top, luxury French brands from Chanel to Christian Dior to Louis Vuitton and more; there’s a reason they’re top of their game – just look at their latest runway collections for definitive proof.  Definitely worth saving all your pennies for! You don’t have to re-mortgage the house to inject Parisian style into your life, but brushing up on what the latest season of Paris Fashion Week has showcased will definitely help you on your shopping and styling quests.  Although, most Parisiennes don’t typically shop at Louis Vuitton.  Based on my observation, they prefer not to wear branded bags with a logo.

Secondly, don’t underestimate smaller and more unique brands, either. Parisians have an obvious keen eye for style, but that also comes with having a great eye for a bargain too. Shopping in quieter, less touristy, and less obvious places is bound to reward you with some great, unique buys. If it’s quirky, one of a kind, yet totally en-vogue and swoon-worthy, you can bet that your favourite Parisian style icons will give you their seal of approval.

Over to you, which ones are your favourites? 

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