8 French Style Outfits – Boho Chic & Parisian Style In Colors & Neutrals To Wear Now

Here are 8 French Style Outfits – Boho Chic and Parisian Style in colors and neutrals that are entirely attainable wherever you go just like the French girl style.

Some of us have a vague idea of what a French style really is.  In this article, you’ll get some ideas on how to achieve that effortless bohemian chic and French style look that you can follow.

French Style Outfits Parisian Chic In Colors Neutral Fashion What To Wear In Paris Chic Style

You might have guessed by now that I love French Style particularly boho-chic Parisian Style in colors incorporated with a variety of neutral tones.


The French Girl Style

The majority of people say that French girls or Parisians only wear basic and neutral colors, however, in my opinion, that’s not the case.

Having been to Paris several times, I have met quite a lot of Parisians who still love to incorporate some colors in their staple fashion wardrobe. 

Quite a few Parisians I have met also love to incorporate some bohemian chic (boho-chic) style in a wide range of colors in their everyday street style.

French Style Outfits Parisian Chic In Colors Neutral Fashion What To Wear In Paris Chic Style (2)

Year after year, it always amazes me that our notion of French Style Outfits isn’t quite always accurate. There’s no prescribed wardrobe that will achieve the French look because anyone can nail that seemingly effortless Parisian French style in different colors.

The majority of people especially non-Parisians think that French women or Parisians only wear black, white, and nude colors, berets, ballet flats, Breton striped tops, blazers, jeans, black pants, gray, and anything that appear to be all the basics and somewhat boring colors.

French women or French girls generally have the ability to dress effortlessly chic yet practical from head to toe in whatever color she chooses.

Similar to the French women’s ways of dressing, you can still look Parisian and Chic if you add some colors in your wardrobe, incorporate some boho-chic style, and mixing them with different pieces.

French girl style has always been adored and praised by women of different cultures.  For French girls, they care about fashion, and their style is an extension of themselves.

Even if French style has always been portrayed effortless chic, French girls still love to dress up but in a simple way yet they still put a lot of thought into their wardrobe.

The French girl style that you’ve always wanted to achieve is not that difficult to pull off and it is completely attainable wherever you may be living in the world.  

The French girl style is classic, chic, effortless, choosing great materials, high-quality, timeless, and versatile pieces that can easily be incorporated with other items.  It’s all about the balance between the look of undone, dressed up, and put together in an effortless way. 

If you want to add a French-style spin in your everyday street style look, I’ve put together various outfits in different colors for you to choose from below.


8 French Style Outfits – French Girl Style

How To Dress Like A Parisian Style Boho Chic In Colors & Neutrals?

French Style Outfits Parisian Chic In Colors Neutral Fashion What To Wear In Paris Chic Style


1. French Style Striped Top With Jeans, Loafers, & A Crossbody Bag

French Style Striped Top High Waisted Jeans Auckland New Zealand StreetStyle Wear Parisian Outfit Paris Chic Style


1.1 French Style Striped Tops

A striped top or shirt is always on-trend, classic, timeless, and it has been known as one of the French Style go-to basic outfits to pair with jeans, pants, or leggings.

It never goes out of fashion, as you can literally wear it during the summer, spring, and fall seasons.

This classic striped boat neckline shirt is a 3/4 sleeve tee with an easy silhouette.  It’s super comfortable to the skin, as it’s soft and it’s also a versatile tee that’s made from a signature beechwood blend.

Made from 94% modal and 6% spandex, Buren stripe only with 69% modal, 26% recycled viscose and 5% spandex and made in the USA. The model is wearing a size small and she’s 5’10”.

This French Style Striped Top is a cotton-modal blend boat neck long sleeves top. It feels soft to wear and drapes perfectly. It can be worn with any outfit on any occasion.

This French-style camisole is also effortlessly chic and sexy, designed to be paired with denim jeans, high-waisted trousers, or a skirt. Made with 100% cotton fabric.

This three-quarter sleeves French Style striped top is also an essential blue tones boatneck tee that can be paired with your favorite denim jeans or pants. Made with rayon and spandex fabric.


1.2. French Shoes – Loafers

French Shoes – Jenn Ardor Loafers 

French shoes by Jenn Ardor penny loafers are easy slip-on flats available in a variety of colors to choose from including black, brown, white, red, gold, and pink made from man-made vegan leather that is luxuriously smooth to the touch.  

These loafers are chic and modern in style featuring super comfortable bottoms and soft leather soles that offer ultimate traction so you won’t slip when walking.  These loafers also feature high-quality, budget-friendly, sophisticated, and versatile 

French style outfits Parisian striped top high waisted jeans loafers what to wear in Paris Chic Style Auckland New Zealand

These French loafers are also perfect for any outfit whether it be casual or a dressed-up attire.  It can also be worn as your work outfit, everyday street style look, shopping, travel, and sightseeing for a whole day.

French Shoes – Naturalizer Loafers

These Naturalizer Loafers are so light and comfortable to wear for long a period.  These French shoes won’t disappoint you in style, comfort, and quality available in various colors to choose from.

It’s made from synthetic upper and sole.  The shaft measures approximately from the arch.  The arch offers comfortable and removable cushioned insole so you can walk in style.  

French Shoes – Sam Edelman Loraine Loafers

Paris Chic Style French Shoes Style Outfit Parisian Flats Loafers

These French-style shoes by Sam Edelman Loraine loafers will give you that classic and chic look offering a very nice, and soft leather that will conform to your foot.  These loafers are perfect for both narrow and wider feet, especially with bunions and arch problems. 

Paris Chic Style French Shoes Style Outfit Parisian Flats Loafers Sam Edelman Loraine

These slip-on loafers are made from a leather textile upper with an almond toe.  Also, featuring comfortable padded leather insole to give you extra comfort and support on your arch so you can walk on them for long periods of time without hurting your feet.

The lining and outsole are made from synthetic with a short block heel and a rubber heeltap providing extra traction.  These loafers are quite light approximately weighing only 10 oz with a heel height of half an inch.

Find out here for more colors and designs to choose from with a discounted price.

French Shoes – Gucci Double G Loafers

Paris Chic Style French Shoes Style Outfit Parisian Flats Loafers Gucci Double G

These Gucci double G loafers are so classic, chic, sophisticated, and yet comfortable to wear with any outfit on any occasion.  These loafers will never go out of fashion, as they are so versatile.  Suitable to be worn in different weather conditions.

If you want to achieve the effortless French chic look, these Gucci loafers are your best statement to pair with your soft or neutral colored dresses or jeans.

These Gucci loafers are made with leather upper and sole with slip-on style and almond toe.  Featuring the Gucci gold metal logo on top of the upper leather and a block heel of 1″.  Made in Italy and available in another color with a discounted price.

French Shoes – Gucci Princetown Leather Slipper

Paris Chic Style French Shoes Style Outfit Parisian Flats Loafers Gucci Princetown Slipper Double G

Here are other chic French shoes, effortless Princetown leather slipper loafers by Gucci.  These types of loafers are slippers than can easily be worn as a slip-on.

These can easily be paired with jeans, skirts, and dresses in different colors to give you that effortless look while looking trendy, stylish, and sophisticated in the comfort of your own style.

Featuring a classic leather with Gucci’s symbolic gold-tone Horsebit on the upper.  Made from 100% leather lining, sole, and upper leather.  Made in Italy.  Available now in different sizes, free shipping, and a discounted price.


1.3. French Style High Waisted Jeans

French Style Parisian High Waisted Jeans

Paris Chic Style French Style Outfit Parisian High Waisted Jeans

French-style high-waisted jeans are forever a staple in everyone’s wardrobes.  Whether it be high-waisted skinny jeans or straight cut jeans, they give us so much inspiration on what to pair with our jeans or how to wear our jeans in a Parisian chic style.

These jeans are made from 92% cotton, 6% polyester, and 2% elastane.  Featuring 5-pocket design, zip fly with button closure, and light fading and whiskering details.  Measuring approximately 30 cm at the knee narrows to 25cm at the leg opening (not too skinny and too wide either).

French style outfits Parisian striped top high waisted jeans loafers what to wear in Paris Chic Style Auckland New Zealand

Made in the USA.  Available in different sizes and styles with free shipping at a discounted price.

These jeans are the perfect slim jeans that are essentials to your wardrobe and that also flatters most body types.  And most Parisians or French women really love both straight cut and skinny jeans that are effortlessly styled yet comfortable to the skin.  

All these French-style high-waisted jeans tend to have a perfectly balanced smooth, stretch, and soft material that acts as a second skin.  Goodbye to those uncomfortable and rough-textured jeans material.

Wearing jeans should make us feel extremely comfortable in whatever we do and wherever we go on a daily basis.  You want to be able to sit, squat, bend, run, or even split in your jeans without feeling uncomfortable. 


1.4. French Style Crossbody Bags

French Style – Michael Kors Crossbody Bag

French Style crossbody bag for work travel paris chic style

I love this chic French style crossbody bag.  This crossbody bag is so versatile!  It can be worn during the day and night time on any outfit.  It’s also a perfect size for any activity and outings.  And, of course, it’s a perfect crossbody bag for travel, sightseeing, and work.

It features two open pockets with zipper closure.  It also has an adjustable shoulder strap.  Find out here for more options to choose from

Paris Chic Style French Style Crossbody Bag Michael Kors

Paris Chic Style French Style Crossbody Bag Michael Kors

Below are some of the best functional and stylish crossbody bags with its sleek, minimalist design, chic French style, and sizable interior design that you can choose from to complete your French style look.

They’re chic, elegant, compact, and not bulky, which are the perfect size for any occasion.  They’re also streamlined with dainty form and beautifully designed. 

Made of leather, and you’ll surely be getting an amazing value for your money with these crossbody bags.  They also feature magnetic and zipper closure with adjustable straps, so you can easily wear them either as a crossbody or on your shoulder.

French style outfits Parisian striped top high waisted jeans loafers what to wear in Paris Chic Style Auckland New Zealand

So why not opt for this unique classic French style crossbody bag that has a touch of vintage-inspired look?  

All these crossbody bags are crafted from 100% real leather while others are from ultra-soft vegan faux leather offering the elegant and luxurious feel and design.  They’re also available in a variety of colors.  

Featuring all kinds of hidden closure so it looks more chic and sleek.  Also, comes with adjustable straps for the best fit possible.  

Complete your French style outfit with these crossbody bags with a classy, elegant, sophisticated, sleek look so you can wear these everywhere you go with your sense of style.


2. French Style Colorful Dresses – Boho Chic Style

French Style Colorful Dress Marrakech Morocco France StreetStyle Wear Parisian Outfit Paris Chic Style


2.1 How To Wear Colorful Dresses Like A French Style Boho Chic?

Let’s pull out some gorgeous bright color or soft pastel boho-chic colorful dresses that will make us look effortlessly chic much like the Parisiennes and French women’s classic wardrobes in colors.  

See more colors to choose from to complete your French girl style.

Adding some beautiful boho-chic colorful dresses in your wardrobe, and wearing some stunning and magnificent colorful dress on a daily basis while out and about shopping, to a coffee shop, brunch and lunch can certainly transform your appearance to a more vibrant yet effortlessly chic. 

This should be your attempt to make your decisions on how to wear like a French-style boho chic in colorful dresses and dressing every day infinitely easier.

French style outfits girls Parisian colorful dress colored straw bag flat sandals Marrakech Morocco what to wear in Paris Chic Style

Who says that you can’t wear boho chic colorful dresses like a French Style?  There’s no such dress code to wearing like a French Style in Paris or wherever you happen to be living in the world.

I would like to break the myth that a French-style outfit is all about basics and neutral colors such as black, navy, nude, and white.  You can still achieve wearing a French-style boho chic outfit in colorful dresses as long as it looks seamlessly chic and effortlessly dressed in style.

Paris Chic Style Audrey Hepburn Colorful French Style Dress

This boho chic dress that I wore was when I went to Morocco.  It was originally a Kaftan style but I opted to wear it like a French style boho chic by cutting the back a few inches to create an off the shoulder dress.

This is a soft colorful dress pairing it with my tiny scarf worn as a headband, a straw bag, and flat sandals. 

A perfect chic dress to wear in the summer.

Below are some of the similar colorful dresses that are French-style boho-chic, which can be worn on any occasion whether it be during the summer season around the city or at the beach.

What I love about some of these street style colorful dresses is that they’re so versatile in so many ways.  You can still find ways to incorporate your own style and combine it with different pieces as you desire.  

However, you may find that from your endless searches in order to achieve a French-style bohemian chic look, you must be wearing neutral colors.  I beg to differ this myth.  I’ve been to France several times, and as I mentioned above, not all French women wear all boring basic colors.

In fact, I have encountered, the majority do love to wear colorful dresses as it gives them the ability to express their personality and style.  Bohemian chic colorful dresses are also classic and timeless especially when they’re worn during the summer season.

Who wouldn’t like to wear colorful dresses in the summer and spring seasons?  It makes us look so unique and vibrant yet boho chic in our own style.

See other colors available here.

I once interviewed a French girl from Paris who refused to wear the typical neutral colors that are so-called the “French Parisian style look”.  She wears mostly colorful tops and boho chic dresses, golden and shiny ballet flats, and bright-red bodycon dresses.  Her pants are even slouchy black trousers that are covered in colors and glitter.

Her opinions on the French style is also more on the way how women mix the clothes, how we move with elegance, how we carry ourselves regardless of our sense of style, and how we cross our legs and the little things that make a difference.

She also emphasized the fact that in France, French women don’t always wear branded or labeled items, as it can come across as very snobby.

This is in contrast to many American women as they seem to put in a lot of effort into looking extremely dolled up and put-together, based on her observations whilst living in New York in the past.

Whereas, French-style is more about how you put and mix different pieces of clothing that are less about appearing too perfect and put-together, and it’s more about looking more effortlessly chic.

In America, many women put a lot of effort into looking extremely put-together and done-up. French-style is less about appearing perfect and more about appearing effortless.

Take for example Audrey Hepburn’s style back in the past from when she used to wear some gorgeous colored dresses in either solid and bright colors or in a colored floral or patterned dress.  

Audrey was known for her elegant, feminine, yet bold styles like some of her accessories such as oversized hats and sunglasses pairing them with her neutral and colorful dresses.

See more colors to choose from here.

Whatever design and colors in outfits she wore she still managed to pull off a sense of a very glamorous yet chic and classic French style look.

Here are some of the similar Audrey Hepburn’s dressing styles.

However, just because Audrey used to dress in expensive designer clothing or dresses, it doesn’t really mean that you also have to emulate her pricey style.  In fact, among all celebrities, she’s probably one of the best and easiest women to emulate.

What To Wear In Morocco Marrakech Kaftan Dress Paris Chic Style 3

This is due to her simple style of dressing in one neutral color, some bright colors and colorful yet chic and elegant dresses that are seemingly glamorous, slim-cut pants, ballet flats, and some of her oversized hats and sunglasses.

Here, you’ll be able to find the budget style colored dresses that are boho chic, and easy to dress up that you’ve been looking for.  You’ll be able to incorporate Audrey Hepburn’s timeless pieces into your own wardrobe while maintaining a tight budget.

2.2 How To Wear Straw Bags (Rattan Bags) Like A French Style Chic?

Straw bags (rattan bags) are so versatile as they can be paired with different dresses and clothing.  Straw bags are your perfect accessories statement to wear in the summer and spring with your colored dresses. 

French style outfits girls Parisian colorful dress colored straw bag flat sandals Marrakech Morocco what to wear in Paris Chic Style

You’ll still achieve that French style looks yet bohemian chic in appearance.

Straw bags are everywhere!  You’ll find that women love wearing straw bags in Morrocco, Italy, and France.  

There are other colors to choose from here.

In fact, I did some deep research about the history and behind the popular trend of straw bags, (rattan bags or basket bags).  I found out that, Jane Birkin was originally the first lady who invented the straw bags, basket bags trend in the late 70s (quote me if I’m wrong).

Jane Birkin used to wear her straw or basket bags as her handbag all over Paris and France while she was discovered by photographers, the straw bags soon became a trend.

Though, growing up, I remember seeing farmers have also used different types of basket bags while harvesting fruits and vegetables.  Back then and to this day, the basket bags are still very useful to farmers and villagers.  These days, the straw bags have become such iconic and fashion statement in women’s accessories.  

Here are some of the straw bags that you can incorporate in your colored dresses or any other summer and spring outfits.  They’re simple, easy to style yet chic and stylish, as you won’t find them hard to combine with whatever color you wear to complete that French style look.

2.3 How To Wear Head Wrap Scarfs As A Headband Like A French Style Chic?

French style outfits girls Parisian colorful dress colored straw bag flat sandals Marrakech Morocco what to wear in Paris Chic Style

There are so many different ways to wear head wrap scarfs like a French style.  I usually wear my head wrap scarf as a headband fashionably.  

A scarf can be worn as a hair tie or a headband to compliment your outfit and as an accessory piece. 

French women love to wear scarves in different seasons.  Of course, during the summer and spring seasons, a light thin scarf is mostly worn as an additional accessory fashion statement.

If you wear a bright colored dress, it’s nice to add some soft pastel or neutral head wrap scarf to wrap around your head like a headband to soften the entire appearance.  

For example, in this colorful dress that I wore from when I was in Morocco, I paired it with my soft pastel head wrap to complement the colored dress and straw bag that I wore.

Wearing headwraps can instantly enhance your features and the whole appearance and style you’re aiming for.  It gives you that French style bohemian look while still maintaining the minimalist and effortless look.

2.4 French Style Flat Sandals To Wear

This French-style chic and sleek flat leather sandals are your go-to sandals for the summer and spring season to pair with any outfit.  They’re available in various colors to choose from.

The adjustable buckle closure straps are so soft and you can easily slip your feet in comfort.  Featuring leather upper, lightly padded footbed to keep your feet extremely comfortable wherever you go.  

It’s also constructed with molded micro-heel and man-made outsole.

These timeless classic French style flat sandals are also aesthetically designed.  Made to easily slip-on, perfect for when you’re on the go.  These are chic yet minimalist and comfortable, as they’re lightly padded footbed.

Made in Italy, constructed with leather insole, mini block heel, and rubber outsole.


3. French Style Off The Shoulder Dresses

French Style Off The Shoulder Dress Rome Italy StreetStyle Wear Parisian Outfit Paris Chic Style

I’ve written a detailed post on how to wear an off the shoulder dress like a French-style before.  There’s a reason why I keep writing about off the shoulder dresses. 

This button-down off the shoulder dress is also available in other colors to choose from.

French-style off the shoulder dresses are so flattering to the neckline, and shoulders, yet chic and elegant that most of all loved by fashion French girls.

French Style Outfits Parisian Off The Shoulder Dress Straw Bag Flat Sandal Rome Italy What To Wear In Paris Chic Style

This off the shoulder dress is made from cottonI wore this when I went back to Rome, Italy in 2018.  It’s so light, breezy, and it’s the perfect material to wear in the summer while walking and sightseeing around the city. 

This off the shoulder dress also has different colors to choose from.

Here are some similar off the shoulder dresses.

While wearing this off the shoulder dress in Rome, I paired it with my favorite thin light scarf as a headband, a straw bag, and my comfortable and stylish flat sandals.

French Style Outfits Parisian off the shoulder dress straw bag flat sandals Rome Italy what to wear in Paris Chic Style

Here are some similar dresses if you’ve been looking for the perfect and romantic French street style off the shoulder dress to wear in the summer and spring. 

With rising temperatures while on your vacations or just taking a stroll around your city, there are so many options to choose from here.

See other colors that suit your skin tone.

In case you were wondering if the growing trend of off the shoulder dresses have already faded, however, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The majority of fashion brands still can’t get enough of the off the shoulder dress’s flirtatious and romantic silhouette, and of course, neither can I.  

This chic and gorgeous ruffle off the shoulder is also available in other colors to choose from.

This includes a French classic straight-across neckline style off the shoulder dress or even ruffle details across the neck and on both off the shoulder, and bright colored, or pastel-colored off the shoulder dress. 

To demonstrate my favorite styles, I’ve pulled together some of the best off the shoulder dresses in every French style as possible.


4. French Style Button-Down White Long Sleeve Shirt

French Style Button Down Long Sleeve Shirt White Skinny Jeans Pump Heels Auckland New Zealand StreetStyle Wear Parisian Outfit Paris Chic Style


4.1 How To Wear A Button-Down Shirt Like A French Style?

This French-style classic white button-down long sleeve shirt is reigning supreme this season. 

If you just want to stick to elevated basics, chic, and classic button-down shirts, go for slightly offbeat silhouettes, such as an asymmetrical cut yet comfortable and versatile.

Opt for comfortable cotton materials as it’s easier to wear and tuck under your pants to give it more of a character look similar to how I styled it with my jeans, trench coat, hat, and handbag.

What I also love about a basic button-down shirt is that it’s minimalist and it can be paired with different bottom pieces either a skirt, pants, leggings, or jeans.  And you also can incorporate stylish yet comfortable heels, ballet flats, or sneakers.

A button-down shirt can easily be dressed down or more of a formal look depending on how you complete the look with other combinations and accessories.

A button-down shirt is also a classic outfit to wear in the office giving you more of a sophisticated and formal look especially if it’s paired with a nice pencil skirt silhouette and pump heels or ballet flats.

This button-down long sleeve shirt is also available in different colors here.

To wear a button-down shirt casually or a street style look, why not incorporate it with a knee-length skirt, shorts, jeans or leggings and sneakers, and an additional hat to keep you more comfortable as you stroll around the city.

Soft color button-down long-sleeve shirts can also be dressed in different pieces to complete that chic style.  These combinations should complete your French style look that you desire.


4.2 How To Wear Pump Heels With Button-Down Shirts Like A Parisian Chic Style?

French Style Outfit Parisian Button Down White Long Sleeve Shirt Trench Coat Pump Heels What To Wear In Paris Chic Style

Black pump heels are chic, classic, and will never go out of fashion.  These types of heels were so popular in the old days and to this day it’s still on-trend.

These black pump heels are available in different colors and sizes to choose from at an affordable price.

This is because the pump heels are so versatile, which can be worn with different pieces on any occasion whether it be just a casual street style look, office work shoes, special events like weddings, or cocktail parties.

If you’ve always loved wearing heels even during the day while walking around the city, pump heels can instantly make you look fashionable even if your clothes are just a bit too casual.

That’s right!  Try incorporating black pump heels in your fashion if you prefer to wear casual jeans, leggings, or skirts with a casual shirt while enjoying your coffee, brunch, or lunch with friends.  This type of look will instantly transform into a more chic sophisticated look yet effortless.

However, having been to France particularly Paris, I noticed that French women don’t always wear high heels or pump heels.  The ones I have seen wearing black pump heels were office workers but quite rare.  And, unless if they were off to a night club or party.

The majority of French women tend to wear ballet flats, low block heels, flat sandals, low heel sandals, espadrilles, white sneakers, and ankle boots during the day and night time as a street style look.

Though, in contrast, Italian women love wearing heels even when they’re out for lunch, doing errands, or strolling around the city. 

Having been to Italy so many times, I noticed that they love bright colored heels in different styles including high heel sandals and pump heels.  Italian women always seem to maintain looking effortlessly chic even in bright color outfits like a French style.

4.3 French Trench Coats

Let’s pull out some of the most popular Parisianne’s and French women’s basic wardrobes known as trench coats

French Style Outfit Trench Coat Paris Chic Style

French Trench Coat available in different colors and sizes to choose from.

This is an attempt that should make your life and decisions on how to wear like a French-style chic and dressing every day infinitely easier.

While the trench coats can sometimes get overlooked especially if your wardrobe is filled with various stylish coats, yet the trench coats are undoubtedly some of the irresistible coat items to wear.

Also, while the trench coats can instantly make you look effortlessly chic, elegant, and sophisticated, however, some materials won’t keep you warm from the cold temperatures. 

This is because some trench coats are made from thin materials specifically designed to wear during spring and early autumn when the weather is just slightly chilled.

While other types of trench coats can still keep your warm in winter, however, this depends on the types of materials the trench coats are made of.

French style outfit Parisian Button Down White Long Sleeve Shirt Trench Coat Pump Heels What To Wear In Paris Chic Style

This trench coat that I wore was during early autumn, though, not warm enough to wear in the winter season.

Trench coats are your go-to classic and chic coat to wear over any outfits.  They perfectly go well with all types of fashion clothes whether it’s a casual street style wear, semi-formal, or a formal outfit.

This chic and stylish Trench Coat is also available in another color.

Some trench coat materials are soft and comfortable to the skin, while other materials can feel hard and rough to wear which makes you feel too uncomfortable to move your body at ease.  

This fashionable double-breasted Trench Coat is windproof available in a variety of colors to choose from.

The classic rise of the French trench coats that this more than 100 years old iconic garment seems to never go out of trend was initially invented during the First World War.  

Double-breasted trench coat featuring slant pockets and oversized notched lapels available in various colors to choose from.

The popularity of trench coats was originally invented as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats that were worn by British and French soldiers in the First World War.  

When the trench coats were invented it was also claimed by two British luxury clothing manufacturers called Burberry and Aquascutum, dating back to the 1850s.

Back then, the common trench coat color was beige or some different shades of nudes.  To this day, you’ll find a variety of trench coat colors such as black, navy, maroon, white, blush pink, bright colors, and more.

4.4 How To Wear Skinny Jeans With Button-Down Shirts?

Stay chic and move comfortably with these skinny jeans made with 98% cotton, 2% elastane.  Available in different sizes at an affordable price.  

Below, you’ll find some photos of me wearing my skinny jeans with my button-down shirt, trench coat, hat, handbag, and pump heels for a smart-casual appearance of French outfit look.

French Style Outfit Parisian Button Down White Long Sleeve Shirt Pump Heels What To Wear In Paris Chic Style

Wearing skinny jeans can instantly make you look chic as it balances out of the bulkiness of coats, sweaters, or jackets in autumn and winter.  

Also, pairing your skinny jeans with pump heels, block heels, sneakers or ankle boots can instantly transform your look to a French girl style depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. 

These nicely slim-fitted skinny jeans that I wore are made with 93% cotton, 6% elasterell-P, 1% lycra spandex.  One of the most comfortable skinny jeans to wear for all occasions, street style, work, and travel.  These skinny jeans are affordable and available in different shades to choose from.

Though, there are no such rules as to how you should be incorporating and styling your skinny jeans with.  Below are some of the most popular skinny jeans that everyone seems to wear and recommends.  

These skinny jeans are chic, classic style, timeless, some with a high waist, and a flattering fit denim shape that’s stood the test of time and passive trends.  

These skinny jeans are also available in different denim shades, featuring stylish and comfortable pull-on closure, a nicely fitted waist with mid-rise pull-on waistband, and a tummy-slimming panel. 

It’s super stretchy, which lasts from day to night, and its snug fit doesn’t lose shape. The shape is slim through hip and thigh with a boot cut opening.  Made from soft materials such as 82% cotton, 15% polyester, and 3% elastane.

These French skinny jeans are secret figure denim jeans that flatter every inch of your body.  It also sculpts your legs, it smoothes and slims your waistline, molds into your curves, and also hides and flattens imperfections.

These skinny jeans are also mid-rise that fit from your waist through to the ankle perfectly.  It feels super soft and silky with the perfect amount of stretch that does not loosen as you move around.

The waistband does not have zippers or other closures.  It’s stretchy enough that you can easily pull on and off.  It also lays smooth and will certainly make you feel ultra-comfortable.

It features five functional pockets, silver rivets, and subtle tonal stitching.  Make with 34% rayon, 28% polyester, and 4% spandex.  Available here in different sizes at an affordable price.


4.5 French Hats Wide Brim

French style outfit Parisian how to dress french girl Paris Chic Style

French fashion always comes complete with additional accessories such as brim hats, fedora hats, Brixton, or beret hats.  Adding these hats in your fashion staple can instantly transform your look and make you look effortlessly chic.

In this chic outfit, I incorporated one of my favorite brim hats to add some sophistication to my basic style.  Wearing different types of French hats work well with different outfits to complete the French look you desire.

This gorgeous camel brim hat is 100% wool to bust out the cold weather and help you stay warm while looking so chic and fashionable with your outfits.  

This brim hat is also breathable yet warm, offering luxurious and soft material while maintaining the durability that will last long.  It also features interior sweatband to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

What more could you ask for?  This hat is super stylish, chic, and sleek that will also keep you warm wherever you go.  It also features a luxurious round crown, floppy brim, and raw edge so you can wear it casual yet sophisticated.  You can also wear this hat on a formal occasion pairing it with your dress.

French Style Hat Brim Fedora Paris Chic Style 1

Add this classy and sophisticated brim hat to your street style look while keeping you feeling fancy, sophisticated, and to complete the French style look.

Below are some of the other French hats you can add to your wardrobe so you can easily incorporate them with different fashion items.  This includes brim hats, fedora hats, and beret hats.

The great popularity of these hats (brim, beret, Panama straw hats and fedora hats) arises from the fact that these can be both worn a casual and a dress hat wherever you go.  

These marvelous headwear designs can also be paired with all kinds of outfits, starting from trench coats, jackets to classic shirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, and more.  

And these hats can also be worn in spring, autumn and winter depending on the materials from which it is made reflect that.  Wool hats and faux are both popular especially in colder months, while Panama straw hats and raffia hats are particularly popular for summer wear.

These hats will certainly give you a polished and stylish finish wherever you go.


There you have ladies! Which one of these outfits are your favorites? 

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