How To Fishtail Braid With Clip-in Hair Extensions On Your Own Hair: Everyday Chic Hairstyle

How to fishtail braid using clip in hair extensions on your own hair?  Find affordable clip in hair extensions here in a variety of colors, and lengths to choose from.

My hair is naturally long but it’s not as thick, so I decided to wear this Clip-in Hair extension to add some volume to my dull-looking hair.  It’s really not hard as it seems to be.  Practice makes perfect everything in life.  

Once you get the perfect fishtail braid you like, you’ll instantly look chic and stylish.  I much prefer the fishtail braid to the regular french braid, as it looks more elegant and versatile allowing you to match with any outfits and your style.  

However, some girls think that a fishtail braid looks almost similar to a french braid.  It really depends on how you section your hair and by crossing over to the middle section.  

Is Fishtail Braid Good For Everyday Look?

Yes, of course!  If you have 5-15 minutes to do a fishtail braid on your own hair there shouldn’t be any problem as it’s really easy to do once you get the hang of it.  A fishtail braid can easily make you look boho chic, elegant, and stylish at the same time while matching it with your favorite outfit of the day. 

The fishtail braid is also always trending especially in the summer and spring seasons.  It’s absolutely perfect for holiday or vacation, school, casual days, night out, work, sightseeing, and traveling.

Add Some Clip-in Hair Extension Pieces To Add More Volume and Length To Your Hair

If your hair is naturally thin like mine or if it’s too short then I suggest adding some Clip-in Hair Extensions, as it will instantly make a big difference leaving your hair fuller, voluminous, and textured.  I also find that wearing clip-in hair extensions is effortless chic adding more style and chic to your whole look and outfit. 

How To Fishtail Braid With Clip-in Hair Extensions On Your Own Hair Everyday Chic Hairstyle Paris Chic Style

Step by Step Guide To Fishtail Braid With Clip-in Hair Extensions

Step 1: There are two different ways to parting your hair.  You can divide your hair into two parts (which I think is probably the easiest).  But for now, I will be showing you how I parted my hair into three sections, as shown above.  

Step 2: The first section is the hair next to my neck, then the middle hair section, and the last or third section is the outer part.

Step 3:  Use your right index finger to take small pieces from the first section of your hair and crossing it over to the middle section.

Step 4: Take the middle section and incorporate that part of hair with the first section, as the small pieces of hair from the first section had already been crossed over to the middle section.

Step 5: Again, in this step use your left index finger to take small pieces from the third section of your hair (which is the outer part) and crossing them over to the middle section.

Step 6:  The middle hair section will then be joined together with the third section leaving the small pieces of hair in the middle.

Step 7: Repeat Steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 until you reach the bottom of your fishtail braid.

Step 8: Take a small hair elastic to tie and secure your hair.

Step 9:  You can now start pulling out your fishtail braid or some strands in order to expand the braid for a more textured look and make it look thicker than your actual hair.  Though, this is completely optional.

Step 10: You can also pull some hair up on the crown of your head so it doesn’t look too flat.

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