What Are Lightroom Presets? FAQ

What Are Lightroom Presets?

Lightroom Presets are the best features for photo editing from Adobe Lightroom.  You must have a Lightroom Subscription Plan in order to use Lightroom on a desktop. 

Lightroom Presets are more advanced Filters (for example Mobile Filters App that you may have used in the past to edit your photos to your liking).  However, you can’t really compare Lightroom Presets to those Apps, because Lightroom Presets allow you to have more control over your photos, and make multiple slider adjustments in order to create the look you desire. In other words, Lightroom Presets are much more powerful than a typical app filter.

Presets are predesigned advanced filters for your photos that give you a base or template of the color tones and aesthetic style of your photos.  Lightroom Presets are also designed to help you edit a lot faster and save you more time.

Santorini, Greece Lightroom Presets 1.1


Why Do I Still Have To Edit After Applying Your Preset To My Photos?

Just like any other Mobile App Filters, you would still need to make adjustments once you’ve applied a filter.  My Lightroom Presets work the same way (in fact most Lightroom Presets on the market work very similarly). Yes, sometimes you would still need to make adjustments once you’ve applied a Preset that you like to your photos. This is because every UNEDITED or RAW photo has different natural lightings, saturation, sharpness, colors and etc.

The changes that you have to adjust once you’ve applied my Lightroom Preset to your photos are usually determined by the natural lightings, exposure, saturation, time of the day your natural photo was taken, or the type of camera you used.  

You may still need to make some slight adjustments or changes to different sliders or settings such a Basic Tool (Temperature, Tin, Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Blacks, Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation), Tone Curve (a perfect way to adjust brightness and clarity), Hue or HSL/Color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, magenta).  So powerful, right? Split toning, Details, and many other settings in Lightroom are all adjustable once you’ve applied a Lightroom Preset to your photos.

Rest assured, though, my Lightroom Presets are very user-friendly and easy to make adjustments to. Most of my Lightroom Presets don’t really require you to edit as much because I have designed them in variations of brightness, contrast, clarity, color tones, shades in order to fit with different unedited photos.

What Are Mobile Lightroom Presets?

Mobile Lightroom Presets are exactly the same presets that you use on your desktop.  The only difference is that you have to install my Mobile Presets in a slightly different way.

Mobile Presets allow you to apply them to your photos while you’re on the go or when you don’t have access to your laptop or simply you hate editing or working on your laptop.

My Lightroom Presets work perfectly in your Free Lightroom CC Mobile App.  This is one of the good things about purchasing my Lightroom Presets is that it comes with both Desktop and Mobile Lightroom Presets that you can use on your Free Lightroom CC Mobile App (which is an advantage, too because Adobe Creative Could offer Free Lightroom CC Mobile App to everyone).

However, there’s a slight disadvantage to editing on the Mobile version because there are some features (such as additional brushes and a few others) that are not yet implemented on Mobile by Adobe.  This is why most people would highly recommend editing on a Lightroom desktop because it’s much more powerful plus it’s much faster. Once you’ve applied my Preset to your photos and have done your editing on Lightroom Desktop, you can easily transfer your photos by sharing via Airdrop to your mobile, or you can share them to your Dropbox, google drive or even email it to yourself.  And then access those edited photos from your mobile.

I used to edit my photos on Lightroom mobile, too, however since I have been editing for a very long time, I have found that it’s much faster to edit on Lightroom desktop.  The choice is really down to convenience and preference.

Rome, Italy Lightroom Presets 1.1


Mobile vs Desktop Lightroom Presets

As explained above, there is a slight difference between Mobile and Desktop Lightroom Presets.  

Lightroom Presets work exactly the same in both Mobile and Desktop.  The difference is that applying and editing Lightroom Presets in a Lightroom Desktop is much more powerful as compared to Lightroom Mobile.

Also, you must have a monthly Lightroom Subscription Plan from Adobe in order to use my Lightroom Presets on a desktop.

Whereas using my Lightroom Presets in Lightroom on a Mobile is completely Free. You don’t need to buy a monthly Subscription Plan for the Mobile version. All of my Lightroom Presets on both devices (desktop and mobile) are exactly the same.

How Do Lightroom Mobile Presets Work & How Do I Install My Presets On Mobile?

As mentioned above, you do not need a Lightroom Subscription Plan and don’t need a laptop to work with my Lightroom Presets on your mobile.  However, you might still need a laptop to download my Mobile Presets onto your laptop before you can transfer to your mobile.

Please see more details on How To Install Lightroom Presets On Desktop and Mobile here.

How To Install Lightroom Presets?

Installing my Lightroom Presets are not hard at all.  Please follow my instructions written here.

Do I receive my Lightroom Presets after a payment?

Yes, you will automatically get redirected to your account page where you can Download my Lightroom Presets from.  Also, you will receive an email with a link to download my Presets.

What Software is Lightroom Presets are compatible With?

All of my Presets work with Lightroom CC, Lightroom CC Mobile App, Lightroom Classic CC (my favorite software to edit), and Photoshop CC.

What Types Of Images Do My Lightroom Presets Work?

My Lightroom Presets will work with all kinds of photos including RAW and JPEG.  They have been tested in multiple RAW and unedited photos by us and by others who have purchased my Lightroom Presets.

I Don’t Shoot RAW, Will My Presets Still Work?

Yes, of course.  As mentioned above it can also work on JPEG images, as well as mobile photos.

However, shooting in RAW is highly recommended in order to give you access to all of the data and record all of the data from the sensor.  All the information won’t be compressed and lost when shooting with RAW. This, in turn, will provide you with the highest quality images that would be unrecoverable if you were to shoot with a JPEG format.  And in addition to this, RAW images result will come out extremely nice, smooth, and crisp even after editing.

While on the other hand, shooting in a format like JPEG, the photo information is compressed and lost.  For instance, if your photo comes out extremely underexposed or overexposed it would be difficult to retain the quality while trying to fix the exposure of a JPEG format image.  

Most of my photos were shot in JPEG even the ones you see in my Lightroom Presets and Presets.  It took me quite a while to fix some of the overexposed and underexposed images. If they were shot in RAW format, it wouldn’t have taken me that long.

Parisian Rose Gold Paris, France Lightroom Presets 1.1


I Am New To Lightroom, Can I Still Use Your Presets and Lightroom?

Yes, of course! All of my Lightroom Presets are designed for beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced users.  You won’t have a problem learning.

Yes, Lightroom is super intuitive and user-friendly.  The software is designed for all user levels.

Do You Use Your Own Lightroom Presets On Your Instagram and Blog?

Yes, of course, I designed my own Presets, and I use both of my Presets and Presets to most of my photos on Instagram and website.  

Which Browser To Use To Download My Presets?

I recommend using Chrome.  It will download a zip file and then you just click on it to unzip in order to access all the files.  You can also try Safari if it doesn’t work for you.

I Can’t Find My Question

You can email your question to info@parischicstyle.com

Thank you for purchasing my Lightroom Presets.  Please write your suggestions in the comment below.  I am open to any new ideas and designs.

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