Santorini, Greece Lightroom Presets 1.1 for Desktop & Mobile

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I created one of my popular Santorini, Greece Lightroom Presets 1.1 which features 12 adjustable presets that consist of chic, dreamy, pastel with variable color tones, contrast, and saturation. 

This includes a combination of cooler and warmer tones using the Hue and Split tone selections, and versatile presets that are perfect for all images.  

Read more information and features below before purchasing.


Would you like your photos looking chic, dreamy and pastel with a variety of colors?

Santorini, Greece Lightroom Presets 1.1 will provide you with 12 different features of Presets to edit any images with pastel, matte, and a slight contrast effect.  It contains a variety of different modules of Develop Presets including a set of Lightroom Brushes.  

You can certainly add a pop of color, or enhance the brightness and saturation of any photos, or even go for a matte and slightly contrasting finish look with a soft touch to your images. 

What’s Included & Features: –

  • 12 editable Lightroom Presets that are versatile, chic, colorful, dreamy, and pastel for all of your images
  • Installation Instructions
  • Instant Downloadable link.  You must download all links and save it to your laptop before transferring to your mobile.
  • Bright, matte, glowy, and a touch of rose gold with a combination of cooler and warmer tones (perfect for daytime images)
  • Neutral, all day lightings (ideal for photos with bad lightings or in shadows)
  • Sunsets, sunrise, dreamy effect
  • Slight touch of Warm Tones (e.g light pastel orange, yellow and red buildings)
  • Skin tone enhancer (great for enhancing your tan when you don’t have one and it’s also great for skin lightening in Basic Tone and Hue Color section)
  • Easily adjustable and versatile
  • Lightroom Presets Lightroom CC Desktop and Mobile.
  • Lightroom Presets Lightroom Classic CC Desktop
  • Lightroom Presets Photoshop CC

Santorini, Greece Lightroom Presets color palette is a combination of orange, reds, yellows, blue, cyan, and green with warm highlights, cooler shadows, and a mixture of contrast and saturation levels.  These presets are perfectly designed to help you save time, edit your photos on desktop or mobile as you desire. And you can easily achieve a pastel and dreamy effect.   

Santorini, Greece presets can easily be adjusted and applied to all images and these are great for fashion, portrait, editorial, travel, cities, landscape, food, products, architecture, wedding, and lifestyle.

Lightroom Presets For Desktop & Mobile

Presets for Desktop

Santorini, Greece Lightroom Presets 1.1 is available for Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC Desktop, and Mobile and Photoshop CC Desktop.

For desktop, you need to have a Lightroom Classic CC Subscription. My Presets are compatible with Lightroom Classic CC Version 7.4 and up, Lightroom CC Version 1.4 and up, and Photoshop CC Version 19.1.15 and up.

You can purchase your Lightroom Classic CC monthly subscription plan here in order to use all of my presets.

Lightroom Classic CC is much more powerful and is highly recommended for editing on a desktop.  I mostly use Lightroom Classic CC to edit my photos using my presets.

If you’re new to Lightroom, please ensure that you purchase the monthly plan that includes the Lightroom Classic CC subscription plan  

Presets For Mobile

For mobile-only option (only for Presets), you don’t need to have a Lightroom Classic CC subscription, you can download the app for free.  However, the mobile Lightroom version is not as powerful as compared to the Lightroom Classic CC desktop version.  But if you’re always on the go and don’t always have access to laptops or desktop then this is the right option for you.

Lightroom Presets Adjustments


My Lightroom Presets are compatible with both Raw and JPEG pictures. Please note that all presets are designed to provide you a base or template of color tones and color schemes.

However, they also work differently on each image due to different cameras, settings, lightings, contrast or saturation (depending on when or where your photo was taken). You’ll most likely need to adjust or tweak all of the Basic, Tone Curve, HSL/Color, Split Toning, Details and other slider options after applying the preset to your photo.

I have tested all my presets on various raw and unedited images, always resulting in versatile aesthetically pleasing edited images. Presets are all meant to be your base for your edits, and therefore it is absolutely normal to make adjustments after each preset has been applied to your photo (there is no difference to doing this whether on desktop or mobile).

How To Install Presets & What Are Lightroom Presets?

Please click the following links below to read more information: –


How To Install Lightroom Presets On Desktop and Mobile?

What Are Lightroom Presets?

Terms & Policy: –

Payments, Refunds, Returns & Exchange Policy

Once payment has been completed and successful, you will receive an email with a link to download my Lightroom Presets on desktop and mobile.

Please note that all of my Presets are non-refundable as these are intangible digital products only to be delivered via email to be downloaded, and cannot be returned.  Therefore, I also don’t accept exchange for my digital products.  

Please note that an unauthorized action of sharing all of my presets are prohibited, and therefore, will be met with legal action.

Additional information

Presets or Profiles

Presets For Desktop & Mobile, Profiles For Desktop & Mobile

4 reviews for Santorini, Greece Lightroom Presets 1.1 for Desktop & Mobile

  1. Andrea (verified owner)

    The Santorini and Rome Presets are the ones I purchased and I have been using these presets for my business and for my clients. I’ve been getting lots of amazing feedback because they are impressed with the quality of the color tones. I would love to see more of your collections. Thanks!

    • Marj at Paris Chic Style

      Hi Andrea, we’re so glad that you’re able to use these presets for your business and for your clients. I will be developing more Lightroom Presets as well as Profiles in the next few months. 😉

  2. Margot (verified owner)

    OMG!! I finally found the right lightroom presets for my website. Thank you so much for creating these. I really love all of the color tones. I plan to purchase the parisian rose gold presets in the few months when I change my theme.

  3. Micha (verified owner)

    I’m a little bit disappointed because some of the presets didn’t really work for me. There are only 2 presets that seem to look good on my photos. I guess, I need to learn more.

    • Marj at Paris Chic Style

      Hi Micha, I’m so sorry to hear that. Please let us know if you need some help.

  4. Chiara (verified owner)

    I used these lightroom presets for my travels last year. I am very impressed. The pastel colors are so pretty.

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