How To Install Lightroom Profiles On Desktop & Mobile?

Find out how to install Lightroom Profiles on desktop and mobile the easy way.  Lightroom Profiles is one of the easiest ways to apply a filter to your photos. I sometimes prefer to use my Lightroom Profiles to edit my photos because I have more control over it. 

Please note, that I am writing this instruction based on the current versions of Lightroom Classic CC version: 7.4, and Lightroom CC version: 1.4.  I highly recommend that both of your Lightrooms are up to date prior to installing or importing my Lightroom Profiles.

How To Download My Lightroom Profiles After Purchase?

1. Click on the provided downloadable link of my Lightroom Profiles after you’ve made a purchase, or alternatively, you will be sent an email with a downloadable link.

2. A new Dropbox window will open (this is where I store all my Lightroom Presets & Profiles).  

3. Click Download then direct download (located at the top right corner).

Download Paris Chic Style Lightroom Presets Profiles

4. Save my Presets on your laptop.  Once downloaded you’ll be able to find them in your folder.

5. If you’ve downloaded my Presets using a Chrome browser you might have to unzip the files by clicking the folders.  You will then see all my Presets to be installed in Lightroom.  If you’ve used a Safari browser, you don’t need to unzip the files.

How To Install Lightroom Profiles On Desktop & Mobile?


How To Install Paris Chic Style Lightroom Profiles on Lightroom Classic CC Desktop?

1. Assuming you’ve already purchased your Lightroom Subscription plan from Adobe. You must have a Subscription Plan in order to use my Lightroom Profiles.

2. Go to Lightroom Classic CC.

3. Click Preferences, click presets, and then click on Show Presets Folder.

Click Preferences Lightroom Paris Chic Style

Click Preferences Lightroom Paris Chic Style 2

4. Go to CameraRaw then click Settings.

Click CameraRaw Lightroom Paris Chic Style 1

Click Settings Lightroom Paris Chic Style 1

5. You’re now in the Settings Folder. This is where you need to paste or install my Lightroom Profiles.

Inside Settings Folder Lightroom Profiles Paris Chic Style 1

6. Copy my Lightroom Profiles that you just downloaded and then paste them into the Settings folder.

7. Done! You can now have full control over your edits by using my Lightroom Profiles.

8. Make sure that you quit Lightroom Classic CC and reopen again in order for my Lightroom Profiles to appear.

9. You should be able to see my Lightroom Profiles on Lightroom Classic CC Profiles.

How To Install Paris Chic Style Lightroom Profiles on Lightroom CC Desktop

1. Again you must have a Lightroom Subscription Plan from Adobe in order to use my Profiles.

2. Open Lightroom CC.

3. Click the File tab on the right side.  Click Import Profiles and Presets.

Click to Import Profiles Or Presets Lightroom Paris Chic Style 1

4. Done! You’ve now imported my Lightroom Profiles on Lightroom CC successfully.  Make sure that you restart your Lightroom CC in order for my Profiles to appear.


How To Install Paris Chic Style Lightroom Profiles on Lightroom CC Mobile App?

1. You must first install or import all my Lightroom Profiles on Lightroom CC Desktop.  Follow the instruction written just above this section.

2. Once all my Lightroom Profiles have imported on Lightroom CC, you can click Sync at the top right corner.  Make sure that you’re both logged in both Lightroom CC Desktop and Lightroom CC Mobile app in order for my Profiles to Sync properly.

Click To Sync Profiles & Presets To Mobile Paris Chic Style 1

3. Or go to your Lightroom CC mobile app and click Sync to allow all my Profiles to Sync to your mobile.  You must be logged in on both devices.

Sync Lightroom Presets & Profiles from Lightroom CC to Lightroom Mobile

4. Restart your Lightroom mobile app and desktop and then go to Profiles, you should then be able to see all my Lightroom Profiles installed.

5. Done! Congratulations! You have finally installed/imported all my Lightroom Profiles in both Desktop and Mobile successfully.  Happy Editing!

Thank you for purchasing my Lightroom Profiles.  I hope you’ll enjoy them.  Please write your suggestions in the comment below.  I’d be happy to help you if you’re confused or stuck.



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