Pescado Cafe Tapas Bar & Restaurant Review

A throwback to Pescado Cafe Tapas Bar & Restaurant in April 2016.  We love to dine at cafes and restaurants which offer foods from a variety of different cultures.  

On a late Saturday afternoon, my hubby and I decided to go for a walk around The Viaduct and soon after we felt rather hungry as it was nearing 3 pm in the afternoon.  We didn’t intend to have a late lunch as we had enjoyed a delicious brunch earlier in the day. 

Walking along Wynyard Quarter, we spotted Pescado restaurant which looked so much like one of the restaurants we visited in Barcelona, Spain in 2011.  Instantly were craving for Spanish food and wanted to sample the ambiance.  We headed to check out the restaurant and were immediately seated inside with a view overlooking the ocean.  However, we weren’t focused much on the view outside, but we were engrossed by the decor and the beautiful atmosphere where we were seated at.  

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The atmosphere was very pleasant, offering beautiful pictures of Frida, beautiful arts, nice tables, and seats.  The bar area was also decorated nicely.  Tables located further inside with couches were also nicely done. We were seated at a wooden table close to the entrance with open rooftop glass and clear blinds offering so much natural light in.    


The food was deliciously cooked!  My hubby ordered the Grilled T-Bone Steak with roasted potatoes and vegetables.  The steak was cooked medium to well done.  It wasn’t dry, it was still juicy with flavors.  The grilled potatoes together with vegetables complement the grilled steak well.  It was just the perfect combination.  My hubby was very satisfied and agreed that this had been the best-grilled steak in the city to date.  

Paris Chic Style Health Fitness Food Pescado Tapas Bar Restaurant Auckland
Grilled T-Bone Steak With Grilled Potatoes, and Vegetables

I ordered the Cajun Spiced Chicken that came with french fries, romseco sauce on bread spread, streaky bacon, seasonal salad, brie cheese, and plum chutney.  I must say that it was the best cajun chicken I’ve ever had, and the sides complemented the dish well.  My favorite part was the plum chutney with the bread spread with some pieces of chicken on top.  The chicken was cooked well, though it wasn’t dry at all.  It was very soft and quite juicy on the inside.  They didn’t give me much plum chutney so I requested more and they were kind enough to serve it in a small bowl.  I pretty much dipped my cajun chicken, bread and even french fries on the plum chutney on every bite.  That’s how much I love the plum chutney sauce!

Paris Chic Style Health Fitness Food Pescado Tapas Bar Restaurant Review Wynyard Quarter Auckland 2Cajun Spiced Chicken

Drinks & Dessert:

We ordered hot drinks (latte and flat white).  I didn’t really like my latte, it wasn’t the best.  For our dessert, we ordered and shared Classic Tiramisu in a glass with almond tuiles.  The dessert was okay, it wasn’t that special.  I think we enjoyed our meals more than our drinks and dessert.

Paris Chic Style Health Fitness Food Pescado Tapas Bar Restaurant Review Wynyard Quarter Auckland 3

The Staff:

All the waiters were very friendly and professional.  They were certainly attentive to our requests and were very efficient.  One of the waiters (I forgot his name) even offered to take our photos, as I had my Canon 80D camera with me.  He was just so sweet and I could tell he was into photography.  He did mention that he does photography as a hobby, too, aside from his work at Pescado.  Please note: the waiter actually took two of the photos above of me and my hubby using my Canon 80D camera while the rest of the photos and the food photos were taken by me.


Overall, it was a very pleasant experience.  We didn’t have to call to make a booking, as we really didn’t plan to eat out until we got hungry after our walk. Not sure what the service and the ambiance it would be like during peak hours (lunch and dinner time), I’d imagine it would be busier, so I highly recommend you make a booking if you plan on eating there for lunch or dinner.  The food, ambiance, decor, service and the staff were excellent.  We would definitely go back again!

See you next time. 😉 


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