Best Striped Shirts That Are Chic & Comfortable: How To Wear Stripes?

Hey Chic Style girls!  As far as basics go, the striped shirt or tops are as necessary as owning some neutral t-shirts, black or white blazers or even a pair of blue jeans and leggings.  These are your everyday outfits and staples.  The allure of classic, elegant and chic striped shirts are easy to match and so versatile.

We would like to share with you some of our favourite and the best striped shirts that you could pair with any outfits you desire.  Whether it be with our favourite denim dark or light blue jeans, favourite ballet flats or any shoes, blazers, coats or jackets perfect for any types of modern girls and women.  Most striped tops are characterised and made with cotton or viscose material in either thin horizontal or vertical stripes.

And did you know that the stripe top style was initially introduced during 1858, as part of the uniform for the French navy.  However, it did not specifically become so trendy until after it reached to the French coast where Coco Chanel took notice of the so called chic style stripes.  To this day, the striped shirts have become an inspired fashion trend, which we believe will never go away.

Match With Blazers


Are Striped Shirts Still In Style In 2016?

Yes, absolutely!  We don’t think that it will ever fade.  It’s in style as far as we could remember and it will definitely be one of the best fashion statements in 2016 as it’s super versatile allowing one to match with any outfits in every occasion.

How To Wear Stripes?

Just like any other basic shirts, stripes can easily be worn with pencil skirts, black or blue jeans, leggings, ballet flats and boots for a casual and versatile look. You can also pair your stripe shirts with a formal ballet flats and high heels for an office or formal look whether it be at work, dinner and formal outings.

There are a variety of stripe shirts.  Some of which are the navy blue stripes on a white cotton shirt, pastel stripes and even black stripes.  The navy blue and pastel stripes are more for a casual to semi-formal look, whereas the black stripes are more for a formal attired.

Who Wears Striped Shirts?

Today, there are lots of celebrity style stars such as Olivia Palermo, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung and even Audrey Tautou.  There’s no reason you can’t own these stripes, as it’s so versatile.
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