Best Travel Wall Art For Living Room Decor – Paris, Italy, Greece, Morocco

The best travel wall art for living room decor, dining area, bedroom or office. Hopefully, these travel inspired prints will give you some ideas if you’re struggling with how to transform the blank wall in your home, bedroom, living room, dining area, and office.

Positano, Italy Wall Art


As much as I love to travel, I am also passionate about filling up my home space with my own travel wall themed decor, as they fuel me with so much inspiration and light into my everyday life. In my home, there are a variety of travel wall arts decorated in my living room, bedroom, and office to fuel my creativity, inspiration, and motivation.


These travel wall arts consist of different cities that you can fill up your walls in a variety of creative ways to enhance your aesthetic style and personality into your space.

Venice, Italy Wall Art


Paris Wall Art Print


Some of us just love the feeling of wanderlust whether we’re traveling or even just being at home relaxing. No matter how much we enjoy traveling in the places we’ve visited, there is always that strong desire to revisit those places. And for some people who don’t have the opportunity to travel but always craved that wanderlust, travel wall arts are the best home wall decor to fill up your blank space.

Filling up our home space with inspiring travel wall arts will give us a sense of creativity, motivation, and inspiration no matter what we do in our own comfort zone. Several studies suggest that people who make the effort to decorate their interior home experience positive thoughts, increase productivity, and enhance inspiration and motivation. 

Best Travel Wall Art For Living Room Decor

Paris Wall Art Decor

If you’re a Francophile and love Paris like me, you’ll sure be taken back to the city of love, and the magnificent views of the Parisian streets with pretty Parisian apartments, building, and quaint cafes, restaurant, and shop. I’ve taken numerous Paris photographs whenever I visit Paris.

Paris Wall Art Decor


Having a dreamy, chic, and nostalgic Parisian wall arts in your living space can give you so much joy and la vie en rose.

Imagine staring on your walls with your Parisian wall art decor remembering those good times discovering Paris, and if you haven’t been there yet, you’ll sure be taken to the magnificent city whilst being in the comfort of your own home.

Paris Montmartre Wall Art


Italian Wall Art Decor

Italy is one of my favorite countries and I always take lots of photographs in different cities consisting of street photography, landmarks, houses, pretty quaint restaurants, canals, rivers and so on.

Venice, Italy Wall Art Print


If you truly love Italy, even if you haven’t been there yet, then having multiple Italian wall arts would satisfy your love and passion of Italy. You will have the beauty and magnificent scenery of Italian cities in the comfort of your own space. Staring at the Italian wall arts in your dining room while enjoying your meal, relaxing in your living area, before going to bed in your bedroom, and even while working in your office. 

Travel Wall Decor Prints Create A Focal Point

A focal point is one of the basic principles of interior design. One of which is by adding some of your favorite travel posters with a frame that will instantly draw the eye into that space, and will provide you and the viewer a sense of creativity and inspiration. It goes without saying that a wonderful piece of wall art could entice and lift you and your visitors’ mood and spirit with positive energy.

Just try to imagine your favorite travel wall decor hanging in your living room, above the fireplace, next to the mirror, above your sofa, and standing proudly just above your bed or even in front of your bed space.

Paris Wall Art Decor


Most importantly, a creative travel gallery wall could easily light up and enhance a positive atmosphere more than a traditional living area or dining area.

It’s important to choose the perfect travel wall art that will match with the rest of your interior design to be the focal point for your space. Choose the right size of your wall print that complements your space and the surrounding furniture. A travel wall art decor that is too small will get lost in the viewer’s eye and the surrounding home decor pieces. A medium-sized wall art decor is a good size if you have enough place space. Large travel poster prints are perfect to add into your blank space if your home has a large space or is spacious. 



Travel Wall Art Prints Can Make Your Room Appear Finished

Hanging travel wall art prints in your dining area, living room, bedroom, and office spaces can add a touch of finishing element which in turn will make the home environment complete.

Any little extra touch of a wall art print can simply take your space from looking too boring to appearing looking chic, and aesthetically pleasing. The key is to choose the perfect travel wall print with bright and dreamy color schemes to brighten up your space and looking even more spacious than what it is.


Travel Wall Art Prints Can Bring A Sense Of Chic & Minimalist Look & Feel

Just remember that different types of wall art prints can provide a different look and feel to the atmosphere and environment of your surrounding. You can always find wall arts in a variety of different mediums, color tones in travel to help bring a varying sense of chic into your space.

Consider adding a black frame, gold or even white frames to your travel posters that have gorgeous vibrant, and pastel colors. By adding additional frames to your travel photos will make space feel so intimate, chic, minimalist, and sleek.

Paris Les Marais Wall Art


Should Your Travel Wall Art Be Printed On Matte Or Luster Photo Paper?

Everyone has a different preference as to which travel wall themed decor would best suit their interior design.

A matte surface photo paper is ideal for your travel decor if you prefer to create a chic, minimalist, and aesthetic look for your home decor. A matte surface also provides a professional photographic feel and look without looking glossy and prevents any glare that may appear when in direct contact with sunlight.

A luster surface photo paper provides more of elegant texture and photographic feel. It’s between a matte and a gloss. If you prefer your travel wall art photos in a mixture matte and elegant glossy surface to go with your chosen frame then this would also match with your home decor.



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