17 Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Here are 17 fun things to do at home when bored during the Coronavirus lockdown.  The governments around the world have enforced citizens to stay at home, quarantining, and practicing social distancing as one of the best measures to decrease the spread of coronavirus. 

I’ve compiled a list of things to do at home when bored below to keep yourself occupied, beyond your usual at-home hobbies like watching tv or NetFlix. 

Paris Chic Style Positano Italy Fashion Travel Blog Lifestyle Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored Lockdown Coronavirus

Boredom decreases brain stimulation and your productivity levels.  I believe that learning new skills while staying at home can boost our intelligence, enhance our brain stimulation and memory.  

If you’ve been wanting to get good at something or learn new skills, now is the time to educate yourself and hustle for the foreseeable future. 


Acquiring new knowledge and skills can get you further in life and your future wherever in the world you go to. Those self-taught skills add on your resume as transferable skills for any future job you desire.

Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored During Lockdown

1. Learn New Languages

Why not start learning a new language when you’re bored at home during the lockdown?  Learning new languages is so rewarding as you can utilize these skills at your job, future career, wherever you travel around the world, and whoever you interact with on a daily basis.  

There are so many benefits to learning new languages.  It can enhance decision-making and critical thinking skills, improves memory, enhances the ability to multi-task, increases networking skills, provides better career choices and opportunities, improves social skills especially while traveling and meeting new people, and learning different cultures. 

Paris Chic Style Latin Quarter France Fashion Travel Blog Lifestyle Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored Lockdown Coronavirus

I love learning new languages, in fact, I did learn some basic French while I was studying at university as one of the extra courses.  However, I haven’t been practicing and have only ever used it while I traveled to France a few times.  So, I’ve decided to start re-learning the French language online to freshen up my French language skills.

Below are some of the best language online courses that we can learn from at any level:

Rocket Languages

Rocket Languages offer online and app-based language courses designed to help you learn quickly and improve your real-world language conversations including grammar, pronunciations, and vocabulary anywhere you go at your own pace.  


Each course will teach and reinforce your language skills so you’ll be prepared to speak, listen, read, and write in any situation whether you’re traveling, working, or meeting new people.

Rocket Languages also has amazing recognition tool checks for your phrases, pronunciation, and words.  It tells you whether you’re pronouncing the words correctly and shows you what you need to improve on. 


Italki offers thousands of online language teachers that you can choose from for a 1-on-1 language lesson at any time to suit your schedule.  

If you prefer to learn a foreign language with a teacher online, you can easily choose your teacher and hours at different hourly rates.  

Learning new languages with a teacher is also beneficial as you will see results with the improvement of your ability to speak, and understand the language exponentially better.  

Italki is also very flexible and effective at learning new languages, as it allows you to organize your own schedules between yourself and the teacher.  All the teachers at Italki are local with native languages and the majority also speak multiple languages.

Paris Chic Style Temple Of Leah Cebu City Philippines Fashion Travel Blog Lifestyle Fun Things To do At Home When Bored Lockdown Coronavirus


Udemy also offers language lessons through different courses.  You’ll be able to select your teachers and courses at your own schedule.

You’ll learn different languages at any level in a conversational way including grammar, phrases, spelling, words, and a variety of vocabulary.  Your teachers also provide support throughout your courses and with lifetime access.


Pimsleur also offers self-instructional materials in many of the world’s languages that you can learn from online or through a portable app.  Your materials are accessible anywhere and you can learn from anywhere in the world at your own pace.

There are various digital materials including essential vocabulary words, meanings, and pronunciations that you can quickly learn by listening, repeating the words and phrases as you go.  

Paris Chic Style Montmartre France Fashion Travel Blog Lifestyle Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored Lockdown Coronavirus

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone offers language learning tools with the world-famous immersion method from desktop, mobile, or tablet which allows you to sync easily and access wherever you left off.

It comes with phrasebooks like greetings, phrases, and expressions.  It also comes with stories and a downloadable audio companion.  You’ll also get instant feedback with your pronunciations as well as live tutoring along the way.

Paris Chic Style Biltmore Estate Castle Ashville North Carolina Fashion Travel Blog Lifestyle Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored Lockdown Coronavirus Pinterest


Lingoda is another best language learning website with real teachers and small classes.  They offer multi-languages in small classes so you can learn and interact with 3 students and your teacher and the attention and feedback you deserve.  

They use the video conferencing zoom tool that allows you to interact during your classes at your chosen schedule.  You’ll be able to choose a 60-minute class based on the topics that matter to you.  

You’ll also be able to meet and learn with a variety of teachers so you’ll be exposed to the range of accents in the real world and become fluent in a language you desire.  

And all the materials are unique and specifically designed by Lingoda experts that’s aligned with CEFR.  Additionally, you’ll also be able to download all the class materials for free so you can review and access them at any time.  After each class, you’ll also get some quizzes and some exercises so that you can utilize them anywhere and enable you to refresh and practice your new language skills.

2. Start Planning Your Next Travel

Travel planning is one of the best things I enjoy doing in my spare time, especially when I’m bored at home. 

While we currently can’t travel during the coronavirus lockdown period, this time is a great opportunity to visualize and start planning for your next trip.  

This website is my go-to online travel guide and tour to plan and book most of my travel itineraries before I embark on a new destination.  Their customer service is excellent offering easy reservation processes throughout your journey.

Positano Travel Guide Best Things To Do In Positano Paris Chic Style

Of course, we also can’t forget about our accommodations before we travel to a new destination, so this website is also my go-to for booking hotels and apartments well in advance (preferably 1 year to 8 months prior to departing).

Paris Chic Style Best Things Do In Paris Marjolyn Lago

I recently had to cancel my upcoming travel tours and accommodations for August due to the uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic.  However, it didn’t stop me from replanning my travel plans for the foreseeable future.  

Check out some of the useful travel itineraries for Paris, France, Positano, Italy, and a whole lot of other travel tips, accommodations and what to wear for your next trips that I’ve written a couple of months ago.  These useful travel tips might give you some ideas and hopefully, it will help you plan out and prepare before you embark on your next holidays.

3. Learn How To Code

There was a time in the past that knowing how to code or program was only for the geekiest of geeks or was only for those who are gifted with programming brains. 

That’s not exactly the case today, like most entrepreneurs, freelancers, online marketers, bloggers, and anyone who taught themselves have helped them used their coding skills improve and succeed in their business or careers.

Here are some of the best online companies (Pluralsight, Codecademy, Udemy, Edureka, Shawacademy, Udacity, Skillshare, and Coursera) that will teach you how to code in any programming language without prior experience.

Looking to upgrade your laptop so you can start learning how to code?  Find out a variety of options here with some amazing discounted prices.

Apple Macbook Pro Paris Chic Style What To Do At HOme When Bored Lockdown Learn How to Code Online

Since I started creating my websites, I’ve taught myself basic coding by using Coursera as well as Udemy so I’m able to fix a few bugs on my sites and customized my site the way I like it. 

Even though my website themes are developed by developers but there are still errors or bugs that occur from time to time due to the nature of the technology with the constant new updates with WordPress, website themes and plugins.  I can’t always rely upon and pay the developers to fix the errors and bugs that may occur on my sites.

Coding or programming is not only for websites.  You can simply learn how to code if you’ve been wanting to create an app that you’ve had in mind. 

There are tons of apps for both IOS and Android operating systems that you can simply download and use on your mobile phone.  Some of those apps aren’t even developed by developers but by beginners who have taught themselves.

It all comes down to your dedication and motivation to learn how to code so you can create the best app for yourself and for people to use.  I have been thinking for awhile myself to create my app, and therefore I need to learn how to code first.

Paris Chic Style Cebu City Philippines Fashion Travel Blog Lifestyle Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored Lockdown Coronavirus

You can also learn how to code if you’ve been wanting to create software.  You can also learn how to code Python, C#, PHP, CCS, Java, and many others so you can add these skills on your resume to land your first developing or programming job. You see, coding is so vast with endless opportunities that you can apply for.

You don’t necessarily need to spend a ton of money or put yourself in debt to learn how to code, as these courses from Pluralsight, Codecademy, Udemy, Edureka, Shawacademy, Udacity, Skillshare, and Coursera are so affordable and it can be done online at your own pace.

4. Online Cooking Classes

If you love cooking or want to learn how to cook different cuisines, there are a variety of online cooking courses that you can learn online.

Find all your cooking materials here including utensils, pots, and all other cooking ware that you might need for your cooking online classes.

I love to eat, and love to cook sometimes but I have very limited recipes so I have been thinking of learning how to cook from the master chefs.  


Master Class is one of my favorite online cooking classes offering restaurant-inspired dishes designed for home cooking taught by professional chefs.  Most professionals chefs are there to elevate your cooking abilities at any level and technique.

Udemy offers thousands of online cooking courses that you can choose from with both interactive and digital courses.  Udemy also currently has over 200,000+ enrolled students in their cooking courses.

You’ll get to learn all the healthy cooking fundamentals from various chefs of all skill levels that you can benefit from.  All the expert instructors have different best cooking techniques for diverse types of worldwide cuisines so you, your family, and friends can taste. 

5. Start An Online Business (Website or Blog)

In today’s Corovavirus era, everyone is forced to practice social distancing, and stay at home due to lockdown to tackle the spread of Coronavirus. 

It is a great time to learn new skills and perhaps start an online business that you’ve always desired or that you have in mind.

How To Start A Blog Fashion Lifestyle Travel Food Easy Step by Step Guide Paris Chic Style

You can easily learn the basics of starting an online business while being lockdown at home.  It doesn’t take very long, you only need to take small steps at a time.

In this MasterClass, they’ll teach you the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Developing your ideas and differentiating yourself from your competitors. 

There are a variety of ways to guide you to start your online business here.

6. Start Doing Yoga & Exercise Fitness

If you’ve been wanting to start doing Yoga, this time is the right time to learn some Yoga techniques so you’ll get into shape and stay healthy.  Here are some of the best downloadable Yoga classes that you can exercise from the comfort of your own home.

JTX Pro 50 Gym Vibration Plate Things To Do At Home While Bored Lockdown Coronavirus Exercise Fitness

You can also start working out from home by using some home workout equipment to get into shape.

7. Home Self-Care

Some of us have busy lives and since the majority are stuck at home, this time is a perfect time to spoil ourselves with some self-care.

Skincare Home Routine

Why not invest some skincare and start looking after yourself while at home. There are a variety of skincare products you can choose from here.  This includes moisturizing cream for dry skin, face masks, and many more.

Paris Chic Style Santorini Greece Fira Oia Fashion Travel Blog Lifestyle Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored Lockdown Coronavirus

Give Yourself A Manicure Or Pedicure

This time is definitely a perfect time to pamper yourself with manicure and pedicure while at home.  It’s important that we try to look good and stay productive.

Practice Applying Different Makeup Looks

If you’re not really into makeup but you still would like to learn how to apply different makeup looks, why not start now?  

Here are some of the best makeup brands and a whole lot of amazing makeup brands that you can choose from online so you can get creative with your makeup looks.

Tarte Eyeshadow Things To do at home makeup lockdown coronavirus

8.  Read A Book

Start investing some time reading that book that you’ve been wanting to read.  You can also start exploring some exciting books to read on different topics and gain some valuable knowledge.

Get inspired by some of the best-selling authors, books, memoirs, and indulge in while escaping to a different world for a few hours while drinking some hot drinks.

There are a variety of Kindle Books here that you can choose from.  Topics include fiction, travel, memoirs, true stories, entrepreneurship, and many more.

Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored During Lockdown

9. Decorate Your Home With Travel Wall Art Decor

I don’t know about you but I always love that feeling of wanderlust whether I’m just at home relaxing or traveling around the world.  

Paris Chic Style France Paris Travel Wall Art Print Parisian Streets Theme Decor

The Coronavirus pandemic has definitely impacted the travel industry and our travel plans.  This time is a perfect time to decorate your wall space and your home with some travel wall art prints.

Paris Chic Style Spanish Steps Rome Italy Wall Art Italian Travel Wall Art Print Theme Decor Photography

Filling up your home space with these inspiring travel wall arts will give you a sense of ongoing travel desires, creativity, and inspiration no matter what you do in your own comfort zone.  

Paris Chic Style Paris Wall Art Travel Theme Decor Print Parisian Street Photography

Several researchers and studies found that if you decorate your home with creativity and inspiring travel wall art prints, you’ll experience unlimited wanderlust, positive thoughts, motivation, and increased productivity level. 

Find out here for some of the most dreamy travel wall art prints that you can choose from.

10. Learn & Decorate Your Home

Take your new home design and decor to the next level.  Artfully and elegantly improve your home decor design to a new modern aesthetic.

This world-renowned interior designer will help you design your home that reflects your personality and mood in modern, eclectic, and experiential ways. She will be able to demonstrate the behind the scenes to demystify interior design at any level and style.

If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your home decorating skills, why not join her home design online classes?

You’ll be able to learn how to make your home space feel and look larger, choose various appropriate colors, materials, and textures that suit your aesthetic style with confidence.  You can certainly collect different art and objects and allows you to cultivate your own unique style that tells a story. 

Creating and designing your bedrooms, and living rooms are some of the important living spaces when it comes to decorating to create relaxing and livable space whenever you’re at home.  It can stimulate all your senses, such as what and how you feel, what you see, your touch, and what you hear.  

You’ll be able to create a life story at your own comfort and unfold all your creative and imaginary living spaces.

Paris Chic Style What To Do At Home When Bored Lockdown Home Decor Novogratz Brittany Convertible Sofa Bed

The way you decorate your home and the aesthetic style determines the atmosphere and mood the way you want to live.  Home decor is a way to express how you currently feel and live your life.

Being at home all the time is something you might want to consider spending some time on rearranging or removing and adding some new pieces to your home space.

You’ll be surprised that once you’ve decluttered or redecorating your home, it can effectively put you at ease and remove anxiety.

The minimalist decorations you choose in your lounge, bedrooms, and kitchen will make them more comfortable, appealing, spacious, and pleasant to stay in.

Here are some of the best furniture, home decor, and wall art prints you can choose from for your home.

11. Fashion Online Courses

Why learn fashion online course while staying at home bored?  The fashion industry is a highly lucrative, creative field full of fun and continuously evolving. 

You’ll also get to learn a variety of changes with fashion sustainability that’s evolving with climate and environment concerns, and labor rights. 

There are so many things to learn about street style fashion week in Paris, Milan and New York, including the different pieces incorporating accessories that we can wear are huge parts of our self-expression.


It’s also important to learn the technical side of fashion such as the manufacturing, development, and design of the clothing, and the business aspects of running a fashion brand are essential to the success of the industry.


You can also learn fashion illustration, designing and sketching here and here, as they offer full of interactive and simple online classes that you can utilize for your future endeavors.

12. Learn How To Sew Online

I find that sewing is actually a therapeutic task.  I learned how to sew when I was in high school.  We had to craft and make our own design using a fabric we were supplied, as it was apart of our project in my creative class. 

The sewing skills I have learned from high school has been so beneficial to this day, as I am able to alter my clothes if they are slightly bigger.  I also make some of my dresses just by using any patterns that I could find.

I made that dress below back in 2018, just a month before I went to Positano, Italy.  I wore that on my holiday.

Paris Chic Style Positano Italy Fashion Travel Blog Lifestyle Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored Lockdown Coronavirus

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to sew, this site offers a variety of sewing classes online.  It’s accessible at any time, and super interactive.

If you haven’t got a sewing machine at home, this Singer Sewing Machine features 23 built-in stitches including basic, decorative, stretch, buttonhole stitches that enable you to sew various projects.  Projects, such as home decor, crafts, fashion clothing, bags, and many more.

This sewing machine also includes an automatic needle threader.  You can find out more built-in features here so you can learn how to sew smoothly.

Singer sewing machine Paris Chic Style Fun Things To Do At Home When Bored During Lockdown Home Decor

These online classes will also teach pattern making, the basics, and techniques of sewing any pieces, the techniques to using a sewing machine.

There are also other sewing classes online that you can enroll in offers how to sew bags, dresses, skirts, and start your sewing business.

Taking sewing classes online is so beneficial to our daily lives, as it can lead to potential opportunities such as starting an online business (fashion brand) or just being able to fix any ripped curtains, clothes, and other pieces.

13. Photography & Videography Online Courses

I am also passionate about photography and videography.  Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been creative and have taught myself the basics and some of the technical sides of photography and videography.

I’ve also attended some online photography and videography courses that enabled me to improve my skills and utilize them to my work as a digital creator. 



There are a variety of online courses for photography that teach you all the fundamentals for both beginners, and advanced.  This includes all the techniques of taking amazing photos from different angles, lightings, the appropriate cameras, and lenses for different situations.

In addition to these online classes, you’ll also get to learn the pre and post-production side of photography such as the importance of editing on Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, and other important software tools.

These online classes also teach you compelling photography and videography.  They will teach you the philosophy around photography equipment, working with natural light, preference for shooting on locations, the power of telling stories through photography and videography, and many more.

The Fujifilm XT4 is a great camera for all levels whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advance. 

This beautiful retro-looking mirrorless camera has a built-in in-body image stabilization (IBIS) providing up to 6.5 stops of image stabilization.  This helps produce steady videos and sharp images in any lighting and situations.  

The Xt4 mirrorless camera also has a variety of interchangeable lenses that you can choose from to achieve different types of videos and photographic style you desire.  Find here for more information.

Here are also other digital mirrorless cameras that you might like for your photography and videography online lessons.


These online classes also offer various fundamentals of DSLR filmmaking.  Incorporating all the equipment and tools that are necessary to achieve engaging videos.

You’ll learn how to create short documentary films, online vlogging, taking slow-motion videos (popular for wedding videos, vlogs, and travel), as well as cinematography.  

Paris Chic Style Marjolyn Lago On Top Of Le Printemp Paris

You’ll also get to learn all about the techniques and tools behind capturing and editing the highest quality videos.  And, in return, you can appreciate that you’ll be able to achieve and create a professional level of videos for yourself, events, and for your clients.

14. Work From Home Online & Make Money

To some people, working from home may not be so much fun to do while stuck at home bored.  However, if you’re limited in cash and you simply need to supplement your income while at home, this time is a perfect opportunity to start looking for online jobs.

Since the lockdown period, I wrote a post about how to find the best online jobs from home that will earn you money.  As we are all aware that the Coronavirus has caused massive financial destruction across the world leaving everyone’s livelihoods to a halt.

Best Remote Online Jobs from home that will earn you money. Create passive income online business from home. Paris Chic Style.

There are a variety of online jobs here that can earn you money, while these jobs are still fun things to do at home when bored during the Coronavirus lockdown.

15. Learn How To Write

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to become a prolific writer whether it be writing a short story, journal, blog posts, articles, or a book, this time is a perfect opportunity.

MasterClass has renowned authors that are prolific writers in various genres.  These writers will teach you to develop your own voice and translate them into compelling storytelling, fiction, novel, or creative writing.  The appeal of writing is creating your own universe.  Human beings are storytelling creatures.

This creative site offers various online courses that will teach how to write essays, memoir, and become a storyteller genius.

This site also offers all the fundamentals, structure, and basic creative and copywriting online courses that allow you to utilize in your daily life, career, and business.

Here’s another online course for beginners and advanced students who love to create content through creative writing, publishing, fashion and travel writing, professional and technical writing.

I find writing such a therapeutic task.  It’s so beneficial to our career and professional growth.

16. Learn How To Play The Piano Online

If you’ve been wanting to play the piano but never had the chance to, it’s never too late to start learning the piano online now. 

Even though I learned how to play the piano at the age of nine, I stopped playing the piano for a very long time, and I’ve almost forgotten the keynotes without reading the piano pieces. 


This lockdown period is a great opportunity to freshen up my piano skills.  And if you haven’t played the piano before but have always had the desire to learn, don’t delay.

The Lagrima latest digital piano is perfect for adults or children learning how to play the piano from beginners to advance levels.  The Lagrima digital piano has adopted the famous French dream series. 

It has a 128MB capacity DSP2000 sound source that’s more stable, clearer in sound with a vivid expression of the performance of the piano player.  This digital piano also features multi-functions with keyboard material upgrades so you can learn the piano smoothly.

It also features built-in stereo speakers to achieve high-quality sound, including main volume control.  Additionally, it also features a dual headphone jack, so you can play the piano quietly without disturbing anyone at home.

Anyone can learn the piano online these days, as it’s super intuitive, interactive, and easy to follow all the instructors’ piano lessons at the comfort of your own home. 

These are some of the best piano courses that you can enroll online.  You’ll be able to complete the beginner to intermediate level in a short space of time.  You’ll also learn the absolute basic essential techniques of reading the music, playing by ear, and improvise music in pop, jazz, classical, ballads, and more that will allow you to play any song in any style.

These piano online courses will also teach you music composition, piano rhythms, reading music strategically, and different piano pieces from the ultimate beginner to advance level step by step guide.

17. Virtual Travel Tours

Traveling and visiting our favorite destinations seem to be forbidden this time, as we still continue to self-quarantine to prevent spreading the Coronavirus. 

Many of us are saddened by these complex issues beyond our control. However, it’s vital that we follow our government’s rules and regulations in order to save lives.


Fortunately, there’s still a way to see and explore the world, different cultures, world education, museums, and cities through virtual travels while being confined at our homes.

Google Arts & Culture teamed up with over 2500 galleries, museums and cities around the world that allows everyone to virtual tours of some of the most famous cities, and museums.

Google Arts & Culture’s collection includes the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Guggenheim in New York City, British Museum in London, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Taj Mahal in India, and literally thousands of more famous places where you can explore and gain knowledge about the city, art, history, and culture.


Yes, you can finally explore the world from the comfort of your bed and couch.

You can virtually revisit your favorite countries or simply explore virtually other parts of the world that you have not yet visited.

Google Streetview is also an amazing tool, as you’ll get to explore the streets of different parts of the world.  This will certainly give you that wanderlust feeling while being at home.

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