Dancing With Hair Extensions: Dancing Samba To Get Fit

Today at Paris Chic Style, a customer asked if dancing with hair extensions was possible? Well, yes, of course, it’s possible, but it depends on the type of hair extensions you wear. She referred to wearing clip in hair extensions while dancing the samba, salsa, jazz, bachata, zouk, hip-hop and belly dancing. Whatever dance moves you do, you should be able to wear your clip in hair extensions; however, it also depends on how you put it on and how it is styled.

Should I Be Dancing With Hair Extensions? Clip In Hair Extensions

If you prefer to wear clip in hair extensions, we recommend using a proper weight according to the thickness of your hair. So, if your hair is thin, we recommend using between 120g – 180g of the clip in hair extensions which matches your natural hair color. If you have medium to thick hair, we recommend wearing between 220g – 380g clip in hair extensions.

The clips that are sewn on the weft of the hair extensions are also necessary. All our clip ins are built with silicon within the clips for maximum grip. This means, wearing our clip in hair extensions won’t slip off your hair easily while moving vigorously. Our clip in hair extensions also won’t slip off easily in extremely windy weather.

Why Do Girls Love Wearing Clip In Hair Extensions While Dancing?

We all want to look our best (even without our clip in hair extensions) while dancing. However, some girls are just not gifted with voluminous hair. Adding clip in hair extensions to your natural hair can enhance the look and feel whether you’re dancing professionally or for fun or just to get fit. Clip in hair extensions won’t damage your hair, and these are the appropriate hair extensions to wear if you don’t feel comfortable with your natural hair or simply just feel like adding more length and volume to your hair. Choose clip in hair extensions, as permanent hair extensions can cause long term damage to your roots, scalp and hair, preventing the hair from growing naturally which can ultimately lead to permanent hair loss. Plus the process is time consuming, expensive, high maintenance and well…. permanent. ¬†Additionally, you might want to wear your chic natural hair to work the next day and can’t when you choose the permanent option.¬†Therefore, most girls or women prefer to wear clip in hair extensions, as it’s the most versatile and stylable hair extension.

Over to you, how do you feel wearing clip in hair extensions while dancing?

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