Comfortable, Chic, Elegant, Luxurious & Stylish

Paris Chic Style creates comfort in Clip In Hair Extensions, and Foldable Ballet Flats that embodies chic and elegance. Always walk in comfort and style with every step you take. Just remember that there is no need to sacrifice comfort for style if you take Paris Chic Style everywhere you go. by Marj

I was inspired to create Paris Chic Style offering my own unique chic and luxurious Clip In Hair Extensions, and comfortable Foldable Ballet Flats that can be worn for any occasion.  

Our Clip In Hair Extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair.  We offer the highest quality, chic, thick, luxurious and affordable hair extensions.  Perfect for any occasion.  We also offer custom made hair extensions at affordable prices.

Our Foldable Ballet Flats can be worn on uneven surfaces, cobblestone streets, for everyday wear, casual and formal wear, for going out day and night, wedding, parties, special events, work, travel, and sightseeing.  My ballet flats consist of a supportive leather upper, extra layer of cushioned insole, durable midsole and a rubber outsole that provides long lasting comfort and supports all shapes of feet. Wearing my ballet flats not only provides tremendous comfort and support but will also instantly make you look chic, elegant and sophisticated regardless the types of outfits you wear whether it be casual, semi-formal, a work outfit or formal attire.  My Ballet Flats are also compact and can easily be folded allowing you to slip and carry in your purse wherever you go.  Read here for more information.